Doctor on Demand

Without spending a fortune, get Premium Features

A number of features that other apps charge a fortune for are available for free on our Doctor On-Demand App.

Submission of App

After your app has been approved, our team will run extensive QA tests and submit it to the appropriate app stores for evaluation. Users may easily download the app after it has been approved, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

White Labeling

You may be sure that we put your brand identity first. Our committed experts will rigorously incorporate your brand name and logo across every aspect of the app as soon as we start working on your project. This fundamental stage makes sure that your distinctive identity is effortlessly incorporated, reflecting your company’s values and producing a unified and unforgettable experience for your users. From the very beginning of our relationship, your brand’s soul will infiltrate every encounter, creating a strong and enduring presence in the minds of your consumers.

Support- App Rejection

We’ve got your back if your app is ever rejected for technical grounds, which is extremely unlikely. Our devoted team will offer thorough support, working assiduously to fix the problems and make sure your software complies with the requirements. We are dedicated to creating your app and supporting you through every step of the process, ensuring its approval and a smooth launch. Our top priority is your success, and we are here to help you overcome any obstacles that may come up so that your app can succeed to the fullest.

NDA & Privacy Policy

We take privacy policies and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) very seriously. Your trust is very important to us, and we promise that we will never claim ownership of your software or feature it in our portfolio. We are not only committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of your project, but they are also our top priority. Your ideas and confidential information are protected, giving you protection and peace of mind during our partnership.

Licensed Source Code

As soon as you mark the project as “Complete,” you’ll get the licenced source code free of charge. This priceless resource gives your technical staff the autonomy to make future improvements and changes. We think it’s important to support your independence and provide you the room and flexibility to develop your app as your company grows, giving you the groundwork for long-term success.

In-App Notifications

Connect with your users easily by using in-app notifications. You have the ability to easily engage users by sending them messages using our platform. Additionally, you maintain total control by effectively monitoring all notifications through the user-friendly Admin Panel. Stay informed and connected to your users to improve their experience and make sure your messages are delivered to the appropriate people at the appropriate times.

What Comprises our Doctor-on-Demand Script?

In our On-demand Doctor Package, you’ll find a collection of strong mobile apps and mobile subsystems that have been painstakingly designed to help business owners run their complete online healthcare operation with ease. This comprehensive bundle is created to give you all the features and tools necessary for a prosperous endeavour in the healthcare sector. With our cutting-edge solutions, explore the potential and maximise your online medical platform.

The Package engulfs:

  • Doctor Website
  • Doctor iOS App
  • Doctor Android App
  • Doctor Web Panel
  • Patient iOS App
  • Patient Android App
  • Patient Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Doctor, Patient, etc.

Workflow of the Doctor On-Demand App: Quick access to seamless medical care


User Registration: Users can register by utilising social network accounts or their basic information.

Trace the Medical Experts: In order to make educated decisions, patients research a list of experts, look at ratings, and consider locations.

Choose Services: Patients can customise their experiences by selecting services and, if necessary, providing extra instructions.

Service Booking: Patients can book services instantly or in advance, choosing the location and payment option that best suits them.

Confirmation of Service: Doctors receive and approve scheduling requests in accordance with their schedules.

Notification: Patients are notified and given confirmation, allowing for easy communication over VoIP conversations or in-app chats.

Service Progress: Medical professionals start providing services at the designated time and day, ensuring prompt aid.

Job Accomplishment: The doctor checks off the task as “complete,” signifying that the service was provided successfully. A prompt indication that the service has been completed is given to the patient.

Payment and Invoice: For the services used, an itemised invoice summary is created and made available on both the user’s and the provider’s apps. Patients pay the doctor immediately when using cash to pay their bills. Online payments are simple because the amount is instantly taken out of the patient’s linked account, providing quick and safe transactions.

Ratings and reviews: It is encouraged for patients to provide feedback. They are able to give feedback and ratings based on their experiences using the medical services. Sincere reviews contribute to higher service standards and increased patient-physician trust.

Why Should You Pick Cloneifypro for Your Doctor On Demand App?

Innovative Solutions, Quick Deployment

At Cloneifypro, we offer the best On-Demand Doctor App solutions with an intuitive user interface and a plethora of cutting-edge features. In only 1-2 weeks, our team of experts will create a white-labeled version of your Doctor On-Demand App that is precisely how you want it.


Utilise Technology to Its Full Potential:

Our most recent tech-compatible solutions offer unmatched advantages. By releasing an on-demand app, you give people the ability to quickly book medical services, increasing sales and revenue. With the help of our technology, you may outperform your rivals by providing a more individualised, improved user experience than what they are currently offering.


Stay Ahead, Thrive:

By adopting our Doctor On-demand App, you’ll be at the cutting edge of innovation and gain a competitive advantage. Not only must you stay up, but you must also set the pace. You can both stay ahead of the curve and create a niche for your business in the always changing market for healthcare services by providing something special and worthwhile.

Take advantage of the chance to create bigger revenue streams by experiencing them. Users may easily get medical services using our app, boosting your sales and overall earnings. By offering a platform that meets the demands of contemporary customers, you build a revenue-generating machine that takes your company to new heights.

Choose Cloneifypro as your docctor-on-demand app, and watch as your healthcare is transformed.

Turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with our Doctor On-Demand App.

“Follow our streamlined Four-Step Formula and go live in just 1-2 weeks, anywhere you desire!”

Download & Test Our Demo Apps

Test out our Doctor On-Demand App for yourself! From the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), you can download and try out our demo apps. Investigate its attributes and capabilities. Once you’re satisfied with the demo product, only then should you move on with buying our package.

Requirement Discussion

Talking about your needs is the first step in your journey. After you select our package, we investigate your project’s requirements and create a thorough Scope Document. To run the app under your accounts and provide a seamless and customised experience, we will require your server and Play Store login information.

White Labeling

Our professionals manage the full white-labeling procedure and customise the app to your requirements. We tweak the colour scheme, incorporate your logo, change the languages and currencies, and more to create a distinctive and tailored app experience that precisely reflects your mission and brand identity.

Going LIVE

Within 1-2 weeks, your app should be available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once the app is up, you’ll start getting paid for each doctor on-demand service booking. You’re only a few steps away from launching a profitable business on your own!”

Doctor On-Demand App’s Cost

Our pre-built solution saves you the time and money of starting from scratch when creating an On-Demand Doctor app. An adaptable app that matches your needs without breaking the bank has been created by our professional team.

Our bundle comes with a website, admin panel, supporting panels, iOS and Android apps, and more. You only pay for the features of your Doctor App that you really use. Check out our budget-friendly packages right away to learn how to launch your healthcare platform affordably.