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Multiple Revenue Streams

Our UberEats clone app gives ambitious businesspeople entering the meal delivery industry access to numerous revenue streams. You, as the owner of the software, can profit from a number of factors to guarantee high returns on your investment. To facilitate home delivery orders, restaurants register and add their menu items, cuisines, and customization options. Customers buying online or with cash, drivers signing up to deliver food packages, and drivers and restaurants getting paid for their labour are all parts of the revenue generation cycle.

As a skilled developer in this field, we’ve included essential features in the software that enable you to optimise revenue. Here are some methods for you to make money off of this complex app as the app owner:

Commission from Restaurants:

To generate a consistent income stream, charge restaurants a commission fee for each order that is placed via the app.

Implement delivery fees for every order

to increase your revenue when clients choose doorstep delivery as a convenient option.

Subscription Fees:

Provide restaurants access to premium features through subscription plans, which will generate extra revenue.

Promotional Services:

Charge eateries a charge to use the app to advertise their menu items or to run exclusive promotions.

Commission for Food Purchases:

Take a commission on each meal order that is placed via the app to guarantee a steady stream of income from all eateries that have registered.

Get Paid Per Order with Restaurants:

You provide a consistent revenue stream by receiving a commission on each order placed through your app, regardless of the restaurant that consumers select.


Permit owners of stores, restaurants, and merchants to run targeted advertisements on particular landing pages and app banners. Obtain more revenue by providing high-profile advertising places.

Amazing Features:

Our team offers a DoorDash clone app with features that lead the industry to guarantee a smooth and profitable meal delivery business. The following are some salient points:

Ad Revenue:

Charge eateries or other nearby businesses for promotional placements and display ads within the app.

With our cutting-edge UberEats clone app, you can use these revenue streams to guarantee the prosperity and profitability of your meal delivery company.

Our UberEats clone app has broad revenue potential, providing several avenues to increase your profits. Here are some essential strategies for app monetization:

Purchases made within apps:

Introduce the benefits found within the app, such as Monthly Subscriptions, Gold Membership, and more. Charge a price for premium packages that offer more features and benefits to both delivery drivers and users.

Together, these tactics strengthen your income model and guarantee the prosperity of your meal delivery company. Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to experiment with different ways to make money and to adjust your strategy according to the needs of your target audience.

Installing and submitting apps on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store

Free installation and submission services for your app on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store are offered by our staff. This guarantees a simple approach for users to download and utilise your software.

App Store and Play Store Approval of Apps

We adhere to strict development guidelines to ensure that your software is approved on both the iOS and Google Play stores. Our group upholds excellent standards, reducing the possibility of any problems throughout the approval procedure.

White Labelling

Our clone app is perfectly white-labelled with the name and brand of your business. This increases brand identification and trust by giving your users a consistent and branded experience.

Lifetime Permit

We provide a perpetual licence for your brand or domain, so there are no renewal fees. This guarantees your DoorDash clone app's affordability and long-term viability. With confidence, you may run your company without having to worry about continuous licence fees. You can have a completely branded and customized solution for your food delivery service with white labelling and a lifetime licence, which gives you a solid starting point for gaining market awareness and confidence.

Licenced Source Code That Is Up for Modification

The offered licenced source code is completely free and open source. This gives you total control over your Grubhub clone script, giving you the ability to alter the code as necessary for adjustments. This adaptability guarantees that your software will grow with your business needs

Advanced Information Analysis

With the help of the advanced analytics tool, you may monitor several areas of your company. You obtain important insights into everything from client behaviour and service provider performance to the volume of services scheduled and commissions generated. Furthermore, you may examine consumer payment preferences and pinpoint locations with strong demand, enabling data-driven decision-making for your meal delivery company.

Advanced Documents

You may evaluate the success of your company by using the advanced reporting tool, which gives you comprehensive insights into your earnings. These reports evaluate the success of your marketing initiatives, point out areas that need greater focus, and offer insightful information for tactical company planning.

Free Bug Support for 365 Days

We recognize how crucial it is for your meal delivery app to run smoothly. As a result, we provide free bug support for a full year. This guarantees that any problems or malfunctions that arise while the app is in use will be fixed right away, enabling you to continue offering your clients dependable and continuous services.

Build an Affordable and Easy-to-use Food Application

Considering the complex architecture and coding that support the UberEats clone, choosing the best plan for your restaurant meal delivery service is essential. This project needs a whole system, not just a stand-alone application, to succeed. With our bundled service, different components are smoothly integrated to provide effective on-demand delivery. Selecting our UberEats Clone applications gives you access to the below:

  • User iOS APP
  • Delivery Driver iOS APP
  • Restaurant iOS APP
  • User Android APP
  • Delivery Driver Android APP
  • Food Ordering Kiosk App
  • Restaurant Android APP
  • Main Website (Includes ordering Food)
  • User Web Panel
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Restaurant Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all – Payments, Commissions, Customer, Restaurants, Delivery Driver, etc.


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Enhance Accessibility

Improve accessibility with our UberEats clone on-demand food delivery service. With our cutting-edge solution, you can easily take orders over the phone, online, via an app, and straight from the restaurant. This multi-pronged strategy guarantees that you can accommodate a wide range of client demands, increasing the adaptability and accommodatingness of your meal delivery company. By using our system, you can increase customer satisfaction and reach a wider audience by streamlining order administration and providing a user-friendly experience across several platforms. Take your business to new heights with our sophisticated UberEats clone, which offers accessibility and ease.

Ordering From Application:

With our cutting-edge Android and iOS apps, you can make it easy for your customers to purchase food. Customers may easily place orders from their cellphones using our UberEats clone, which guarantees a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Ordering From Website

We furthermore provide a function that lets customers place real-time online restaurant orders. The ordering process is dependable and easy using this web-based ordering system, which provides the same sophisticated and rich experience as the mobile apps. Our all-inclusive solution meets the needs of your clients, whether they choose to use apps or websites. This will improve accessibility and increase customer engagement for your food delivery service.

Call Directly to Restaurant and Order

Our UberEats clone offers users freedom beyond online purchasing. Customers can order food by calling the business directly. After receiving the order, the restaurant may quickly process it and use the apps to deliver the food without any problems. This feature gives the ordering procedure a more conventional feel, appealing to those who would rather speak with the restaurant directly. Your food delivery platform becomes flexible when call-to-order functionality is integrated, meeting a wider range of client preferences.

Call your Company / Administrator and Order

Our UberEats clone allows customers to order meals by calling your business directly, which increases consumer convenience. Through the linked apps, your committed back-end personnel will effectively process these orders and arrange for the meal delivery. This service caters to those who prefer direct communication by adding a personal touch to the ordering process. Your meal delivery service will be easier to use and more accessible for a wider variety of consumers if you provide a call-to-order option.

Additional Services with Readymade online Food Delivery App :

Truck Booking:

In the logistics sector, developing a platform to help professional truckers identify truck loads and publish their truck availability for freight transit is a significant option. Such a platform can improve productivity, decrease downtime, and streamline the process for both freight shippers and truckers, creating a more robust and dynamic trucking ecosystem.


Many individuals are turning to alternative meat and fish suppliers instead of traditional meat and fish markets due to worries about hygiene and crowded conditions. To accommodate changing preferences and health-conscious consumers, it is crucial to provide safe and practical alternatives, such as online ordering and delivery services for meat and seafood.


Significant changes are being made to the eCommerce environment. Transactions from business to consumer (B2C) are no longer the only ones that dominate it. Sales for the B2B (Business-to-Business) eCommerce sector are anticipated to reach a significant $6.6 trillion this year. This rise underlines the significant prospects in this industry and emphasises the growing significance of digital platforms for facilitating B2B transactions.


Indeed, automating and optimising the last-mile delivery process is made possible by package delivery software. This programme improves the efficiency and dependability of package deliveries by optimising routes, managing parcels, offering real-time tracking, and enhancing communication between drivers and clients, resulting in a smoother and more convenient experience for all parties involved.

Ride Sharing:

It can be a wise strategic move to expand your initial user base to integrate a ride-booking feature into your platform, similar to those offered by Uber and Lyft. You may reach a larger audience and offer a complete solution for transportation and necessary item delivery needs by combining ride-booking and delivery services within one app. This can be especially appealing to customers looking for ease and efficiency in their everyday lives. This diversification can boost user loyalty and engagement, which will aid in the market adoption of your platform.

Towing & Car Assistance:

Offering a complete solution for all tow truck requirements is a promising business idea, especially in light of the industry's expected expansion, which is predicted to reach $8,000 million USD by 2024. This market potential highlights the need for dependable and effective tow truck services, making it a prime location for company expansion and development.

Complementary Benefits On-Demand Food Delivery App

Logo & Company Name

Giving customers the option to rebrand your product with their own logo and company name can be a potent selling point because it enables companies to customise the solution to their unique branding and identity. This white-labeling strategy can increase your product’s adaptability and appeal to a wider group of clients who are looking for a branded and customised solution for their needs.

Brand Color Integration:

The DoorDash clone software may be tailored to incorporate a client’s brand colours and keep them constant throughout, which is a smart move for providing a unique and satisfying user experience. This degree of personalization helps businesses trying to stand out in the market because it not only aligns the app with the client’s branding but also improves user engagement and brand recognition.

Server Set up:

A great way to ensure a smooth transition and that the customer retains control over their data and infrastructure is to host the solution software on their server. With this approach, clients may maintain ownership and management of their server environment while integrating the solution into their current systems and processes with flexibility and security.

App Publishing:

Helping with marketing, sales, and distribution of an application’s release version is a useful service since it enables developers to reach a larger audience and increase the success of their programme. This support can increase awareness and adoption by utilising marketing tactics, sales channels, and distribution networks, thereby boosting the app’s marketability.

Payment Gateway:

A seamless and safe user experience depends on ensuring simple transactions within the app through reputable payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay, and Kushki. By providing dependable and practical payment choices, these trustworthy payment processors contribute to the development of user trust, which is essential for the success of any e-commerce or transactional service.

Explore Your Food Delivery App Adventure with Cloneifypro

DoorDash Clone App

In the past few years, it has progressively moved up the success ladder. With a substantial revenue of $2.9 billion, the company’s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 yielded an astounding $72 billion value. By leveraging strong machine learning algorithms, DoorDash clone script efficiently preserves user choices and personalises recommendations based on unique interests. DoorDash’s commitment to provide efficient and timely service is seen in its cutting-edge logistics system, which manages orders delivered in less than 15 minutes. They work with associated firms on a commission basis of 20%.

Swiggy Clone App

The best meal delivery service in India, Swiggy, has raised an incredible $4.8 billion in capital over the course of 17 fundraising rounds. The Swiggy clone software made a revolutionary choice in order to set itself apart from the competitors: it built a robust logistical network backed by a sizable fleet of internal delivery workers. In order to further enhance their menu, they hired well-known eateries and expanded their sales crew at the same time. Investments in contemporary technology streamlined business logistics, leading to instant success and a startling rise in monthly orders. The innovative business model of the Swiggy clone has revolutionised Indian food delivery. orders delivered in less than 15 minutes. They work with associated firms on a commission basis of 20%.

UberEats Clone

You have the opportunity to revolutionize the meal delivery industry by employing our UberEats Clone. Accomplish your legacy by becoming one of the next great unicorns in the ever-evolving food delivery industry. Our solution prioritizes security, dependability, and authenticity to provide you the advantages you need to thrive in the competitive food delivery industry. Don’t just follow the trends with our UberEats ripoff; instead, set the standard and see your business reach new heights.

Postmates Clone

With the help of Cloneifypro’s Postmates clone, you can master food delivery. Improving order allocation efficiency is crucial if you want to boost customer loyalty and deliver timely service. With the help of Postmates Clone’s reliable platform, you can effortlessly take orders from customers via a mobile app that is branded with your company name and can be customized. Bid adieu to the headache of juggling orders across several channels and embrace the future of efficient, branded meal delivery.

Talabat Clone

The Talabat app has achieved incredible levels of food order volume, making it the leading player in the Middle Eastern on-demand delivery services sector. Now that Cloneifypro has created a Talabat clone, you have the opportunity to experience the same success. Our pre-built platform will help you start smoothly and rapidly, increasing your chances of success in the on-demand delivery industry. Our Talabat clone is exceptional due to its unparalleled customisation capabilities. Because of its completely adjustable basis, you may tailor the platform to your own demands and objectives.

Deliveroo Clone

The ultimate super app from Cloneifypro is our Deliveroo clone. This powerhouse is designed to assist you in creating a successful food delivery service app, and it comes with a comprehensive collection of features that are ready to propel your business to new heights in 2022. The fastest and most user-friendly product ever made, the Deliveroo clone app was made with state-of-the-art technologies. With this state-of-the-art software, being the next unicorn in the food delivery industry is not just feasible, but attainable. Don’t miss this opportunity to rebrand your business and take the lead in the cut-throat industry for gourmet food delivery.

JustEat Clone

Our JustEat clone script is a powerful online meal ordering system that gives you an unsurpassed level of ease when adding, tracking, and managing food orders. Thanks to its robust features that draw inspiration from the popular JustEat app, this software solution gives you the tools you need to successfully streamline your food delivery business operations and adapt to the changing needs of your customers. Whether you are a startup or the owner of a well-known restaurant, our JustEat clone script provides you with the resources you need to thrive in the competitive online food ordering market.

Thuisbezorgd Clone Script

More than 20 different countries are Thuisbezorgd Clone Script’s customers. Cloneifypro promises huge profits and successful international business ventures. Blazingcoders is the only firm in the world providing business owners with a Thuisbezorgd clone script. With the help of our platform, customers can select the restaurants they like to eat at and easily locate the addresses of those establishments.
Furthermore, as we recognize the value of savings, we strongly advise using coupons. Restaurants can offer coupons to their clients as a way to boost sales and attract additional business. These coupons are simple to integrate into the restaurant’s UI and can be used anytime customers spend more than the required minimum. Restaurant operators have the ability to offer unique discount and benefit coupons to their customers, improving their dining experience.

Foodpanda Clone

Known for its on-demand delivery services, Foodpanda is an excellent choice for sending a wide range of goods, including groceries, meals, drinks, and more. With connections to over 115,000 restaurants in over 246 locations across more than 50 countries, Foodpanda has had a significant influence on the international delivery industry.The company’s partnership with an incredible 80,000 delivery drivers further demonstrates its commitment to providing its clients with efficient delivery services. Foodpanda’s remarkable growth has been fueled by eight investors, including Delivery Hero and Prosus & Naspers. In addition, the company has expanded through 12 acquisitions; Foodpanda’s status as a leading force in the delivery industry is reinforced by its quick expansion and worldwide presence.

GrubHub Clone

The world’s first GrubHub clone script is now accessible; this innovative strategy was created especially for websites that allow customers to purchase food on-demand. One of the most advanced meal ordering clone scripts available is our Grubhub clone, which works with both iOS and Android devices. The source code makes use of contemporary technologies like NodeJS, MongoDB, and Pubnub to guarantee web scalability and scalability for every customer. With the use of this script, you may completely transform the food delivery industry by providing unparalleled customer care and setting new standards for efficiency and convenience.

Zomato Clone

You can have access to a single, comprehensive food delivery clone script that can efficiently handle both scheduled and on-demand deliveries with Cloneifypro’s Zomato Clone script. This is the starting point of your journey towards success in the food delivery sector. Our revolutionary, first-of-its-kind worldwide solution, the Zomato meal ordering clone script, is made to satisfy the evolving needs of on-demand meal delivery services and food ordering websites. Zomato clone script is one of the most advanced meal ordering clone scripts available on iOS and Android platforms.

Delivery Hero Clone

The world’s first meal ordering clone script, Our Delivery Hero, is a revolutionary solution made to adapt to the evolving needs of food ordering websites and on-demand meal delivery services. A “Delivery Hero Clone” is a pre-made software solution that replicates the key elements and capabilities of the Delivery Hero online food delivery service. Although Delivery Hero is an international firm with many appealing features for both customers and businesses, a clone of Delivery Hero allows business owners to quickly develop their own online food delivery platform with similar features. Because these clone scripts are often very customizable, businesses can incorporate their unique features and branding while keeping utilizing the core elements and efficiency of the present model.