Fabulous Features

Data Recording

To ensure thorough and expert record-keeping, all data, including telemedicine appointments and records, is securely kept for future use.

Data Encryption

Using HIPAA-compliant end-to-end encryption for all patient data to provide the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Chat Encryption

The end-to-end encryption and safe storage of the doctor-patient interaction put the privacy and integrity of the data first.

Diagnosis Questionnaire

To improve symptom identification and gather thorough data to improve the patient’s medical evaluation, a pre-appointment survey is started.

Appointments Via Video Call

With the help of our app, people and their dependents may conveniently schedule secure video conversations for remote consultations with medical specialists. All communications are saved and encrypted to protect the privacy of patients and doctors. Only the patient and the doctor have access to the data, upholding privacy requirements.

Clinic Visits

Schedule clinical appointments with the help of our App’s easy access to a large range of providers and customized filters. Important information is given, including location, costs, specialty, reviews, and ratings. Based on available time slots, appointments can be scheduled, and payments can be easily made using a variety of methods, including insurance.

Video Call Appointments

Improve your healthcare experience with our app’s unique function, which enables secure video calls for remote consultations with medical specialists. You can now quickly make virtual appointments for yourself or a dependent. You can be sure that all communications between doctors and patients are encrypted and stored in the strictest of confidence. To protect your privacy and give you piece of mind, only you and your doctor have access to your data.

Scheduling Clinic Visits

Utilize our app to explore the world of healthcare knowledge. Search a wide variety of experts, narrowing your results with filters for region, cost, specializations, reviews, and ratings. Book clinical appointments without difficulty once you’ve discovered your match. Select a time window from the list and make safe payments using a number of methods, including insurance. Here is where your path to outstanding care begins.

Request for Home Visits

Our mobile app gives you the freedom to conveniently book your preferred healthcare service. Log in with your information from the convenience of your home to make a doctor appointment. The convenience doesn’t end there, though; you can follow your doctor’s progress as they travel to you via the app. Your well-being is conveniently in your hands right now.

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Pick Your Mode of Service

Find out about our personalized Zocdoc clone. You may easily make appointments with medical specialists, whether you want to go to their office, have them come to you, or speak with them over the phone. Your options and convenience are combined on a single intuitive platform.

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Preferred Mode of Treatment

Utilize our platform to take control of your medical decisions. Decide if you want a doctor to come to your home, go to a clinic, or have a telemedicine appointment. Additionally, you can quickly focus your search on an expert who meets your criteria.

Pick a Specialist

Utilize our platform to take control of your medical decisions. Decide if you want a doctor to come to your home, go to a clinic, or have a telemedicine appointment. Additionally, you can quickly focus your search on an expert who meets your criteria.

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Appointment Fixing

Appointment Fixing Made Simple: Yourself or Dependent

Add Dependents

Include additional dependents with ease and provide necessary details, easing their healthcare management with accuracy.

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Advanced Filtering Features

Our Zocdoc clone incorporates sophisticated filtering tools, utilizing a variety of elements to improve user experience and guarantee a simple journey for everyone.

Entry of all the Details

Utilize choices and personal comments to have access to in-depth disease information that will help you comprehend all of your health concerns.

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Furnish Further Information

Access important symptom information with visual aids to give you a thorough picture of your health. Improve your healthcare experience with our user-friendly platform.

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Myriad Filters to Lay Hands on a Doctor

On our Zocdoc clone, you may quickly find the right doctor by using a variety of parameters that suit your needs and preferences.

Suitable Profiles Based on Your Preferences: Choose a Physician

Use our filtering tools to get a carefully curated list of doctors, from which you may choose and schedule a consultation based on your interests

In-Depth Professional Profiles: Comprehensive Information

Find comprehensive profiles of healthcare professionals that include crucial information, including reviews, ratings, certifications, specializations, and costs, to help you make an educated choice.

Consultation Time Selection

You can take charge of your healthcare by choosing your chosen doctor and convenient time window when scheduling consultations.

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View Prescriptions

View the prescriptions your doctor issued after your visit, along with the creation of your bill.

Favorite Doctor

By bookmarking the profile of your preferred doctor, you can ensure easy access anytime you require an appointment.

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Payment & Communication

Healthcare Efficiency Boosting: Comprehensive Zocdoc Identical

Our Zocdoc clone has been carefully created with all of the features required for efficient healthcare services. Experience a seamless interaction with excellent communication tools and flexible payment alternatives.

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Multiple Payment Options: Redefining Convenience

Enjoy freedom with a variety of payment options that are personalized to your preferences, including cash, wallet, and insurance.

Easy doctor-patient interaction through chat and media sharing

Directly communicate with your doctor while easily exchanging important information via media files like pictures, scans, and prescriptions.

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Video consultations for telemedicine: seamless virtual care

Our innovative telemedicine function on our Zocdoc clone offers real-time video consultations. Regulation-compliant recording, encryption, and storage methods are used for these consultations. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, only you and your doctor have access to the data.

Real-Time Medical Tracking: Keep Up to Date

As your doctor makes their way to your appointment, keep track of their progress. It is possible to see each phase of the procedure, which improves communication and is advantageous to both you and your healthcare professional.

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A detailed history of visits: your health journey

Access a thorough history of your visits, including previous, ongoing, and upcoming doctor’s appointments, as well as generated invoices.

Feedback is simple with Instant Receipt & Rating.

Get a receipt outlining the cost of your consultation, and then express your thoughts by rating the various parts of the service.



Healthcare Provider Management

Effectively screen and onboard healthcare providers by carefully examining their credentials, resulting in a platform that is top-notch, compliant, and patient-focused. Keep your lines of communication open while utilizing data-driven insights to guarantee ongoing excellence in providing high-quality healthcare services.

View Recorded Video Calls

Ensure that authorized users can evaluate finished telemedicine consultation recordings for quality control and regulatory compliance while upholding strict data protection regulations by enabling secure access to them.

Promotions & Referrals

Implement and manage referral campaigns and promotion codes within your customized on-demand platform to increase user involvement and growth by rewarding participation and efficiently measuring and managing campaign results.

Appointments Tracking

To ensure immediate access to monitor and manage healthcare consultations as they take place on the platform for effective oversight and quality assurance, provide real-time visibility into all currently taking place consultations.


Create a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the pay of various healthcare professionals enrolled on the app. This would enable accurate financial management and fair pay distribution.


Create a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the pay of various healthcare professionals enrolled on the app. This would enable accurate financial management and fair pay distribution.

Specialist Management

Assure orderly classification, ideal matching, and a seamless user experience while efficiently managing different on-demand doctor categories within your tailored application, improving the usability and efficiency of healthcare services.

Bird’s Eye View

Give people access to a real-time map display of their appointments and consultations across many locations or time zones. This would improve operational efficiency and enable prompt decision-making on the go.

Pre-Appointment Survey

Create specialized pre-appointment questions for a range of symptoms to allow healthcare professionals to collect pertinent patient data prior to consultations, improving diagnostic accuracy and facilitating more effective medical evaluations.

Push Notification-Real Time

Enable real-time updates sent to consumers and healthcare professionals via direct in-app push notifications to enable seamless communication, ensure timely information sharing, and boost platform engagement.

Ratings & Reviews

Utilizing consumer feedback and reviews, which enable ongoing assessment and guarantee of good service delivery inside the platform, enables the monitoring of healthcare professionals and the upholding of high quality standards.

Commission Set Up

Configure the app's commission structure for various healthcare professionals to enable clear fee distribution, fair remuneration, and long-term platform income growth.