Uber For Massage Therapists App

Uber For Massage Therapists App

Indeed, the market for on-demand massage services is expanding rapidly, and with the launch of this feature-rich app, clients can easily get in touch with massage therapists nearby. Clients may search for particular massage styles, select a suitable therapist, and select a convenient time slot on this user-friendly portal. This facilitates fast reservations for a variety of massages, including sports, deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, craniosacral, reflexology, and shiatsu. Users and service providers benefit from this smooth interface, which not only meets the various needs of customers but also makes therapy sessions more efficient for therapists.

In just one week, the uber for massage app could not have been created without the help of kernowledgeable experts, reliable pre-built solutions, and expedited development procedures. You can benefit from our access to cutting-edge technology and our experience in app development by collaborating with Cloneifypro..

First of all, we fully comprehend your needs. We adapt pre-built solutions to your business model by having you test our demo apps and stating your exact requirements. These solutions provide solid backend systems, smooth user interfaces, and necessary functionalities.

Our skilled development team effectively incorporates these pre-made elements, guaranteeing an impeccable user experience. The operation, security, and performance of the app are ensured by stringent testing and quality assurance procedures.

Soothe & Zeel Clone Script

Your clients can have the ideal massage with just a few smartphone touches thanks to our Soothe Clone mobile massage app script. Our team spent a great deal of time and effort designing this software to make sure it works flawlessly on a variety of platforms, including PC browsers, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, and tablets. It delivers the calming benefits of massage straight to your clients’ cosy homes. In addition to ensuring perfect performance, our carefully designed script offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for clients to schedule massages in accordance with their preferences. Accept this technology and provide your clients with a simple, convenient option to get soothing massages without having to leave their homes.

Step-by-Step Massage On-Demand App Flow

Creating an Account:

Users can register with Facebook, Google+, or by generating an account using their email address, mobile number, and name.

Selecting a Therapist:

Users can view nearby massage therapists after logging in, along with their reviews and locations.

Therapist Information:

Tapping on a therapist allows users to see ratings, services provided, and a gallery of the therapist’s prior work.

Process of Booking:

A booking summary detailing the services selected by the user is provided after selecting several options from a single therapist.

Location of Choice:

Either the user’s home or the therapist’s location is specified as the massage service location.Methods of Payment:

Payment Options:

Customers are provided with a variety of payment options, including the ability to pay with cash, credit card, or wallet.

Confirmation of Booking

The therapist app receives the user’s booking request when the therapist sets their availability to online.<br /> The request must be approved by the therapist within the time limit shown by a timer.

Alerting and Interaction

The user receives notification of the status of “Out for Service” and “Massage Therapist Accepted Request” upon acceptance. Until the therapist arrives, the user and therapist can converse via internal text chat or internet calls.

Verification of Arrivation

By tapping “Arrived at Service Location” in the app, the therapist verifies their arrival.

Service Commencement

The massage therapist starts working after the user receives a notice saying “Massage Therapist Arrived.”

Progress Monitoring

To monitor the progress of the massage therapy, the therapist sets a timer. With the app, users can keep an eye on the status of their massage therapy.

Progress Monitoring

To monitor the progress of the massage therapy, the therapist sets a timer. With the app, users can keep an eye on the status of their massage therapy.

Session Closure:

By selecting “End Job” on the app, the therapist verifies that the massage therapy has ended.<br /> ‘Massage Therapy Completed’ is the signal sent to the user.

Documentation After the Session

After a massage, the therapist snaps a picture of the client to add to their collection.

Generate Invoice:

An invoice summary that includes the specifics of the massage therapy and the user’s selected payment method is generated on the therapist’s screen upon completion of the session.Once the money has been paid, the user and the therapist rate and review the on-demand massage services according to their experiences.

Payment & Invoice Details

The user receives the invoice details via email.The user makes the payment to the therapist through the selected mode (chosen during booking).

Review and Rating

After the payment, both user and therapist provide reviews and ratings based on their respective experiences with the massage on demand services.


Our ADVANCED Free Features

Licensed Source Code

Giving your clients unfettered access to licenced source code gives them the freedom and power they need to improve and alter the program to suit their unique needs. This capability gives their development teams the freedom to change the app to exactly match their business goals by adding new features, improving current functionality, or making updates. It encourages innovation as well as autonomy by enabling users to make constant changes to the program.

1-Year Free Support

Giving your customers a one-year support period for bug patches and issue solutions gives them confidence in the dependability of your service. This pledge shows how committed you are to ensuring client happiness and high-quality products. Clients may trust on your help to resolve any issues they run into throughout this support period, guaranteeing a seamless user experience. This support service highlights your dedication to providing a high-quality, trouble-free solution.


With On-Demand Services app, providing your customers a free upgrade during the first year is a great perk. By taking the initiative, you can guarantee that your customers will always have access to the newest features and enhancements to your offering. Customers' software stays current with changing market demands and their user experience is improved when you provide them the option to request upgrades whenever it's convenient for them and swiftly provide updated code.


It looks like you are providing a website and on-demand services app for ``Uber for Services`` with a white-label solution. This implies that your clients can host the app and website on their server, brand it under their own name, and put it on app stores all without having to mention your business. By giving clients the ability to create their own brand identity, this white-label strategy guarantees that their customers will see the service as wholly their own.

NDA & Privacy Policy

You have shown a great degree of honesty and respect for your clients' privacy and confidentiality by not presenting the apps in your portfolio or claiming them as your own work in the marketplace. By reassuring your clients that their customised solutions are exclusive to their brand and do not belong in a generic or shared portfolio, this technique builds trust between you and your clients.

Currency of Your Choice-FREE

It is a valuable service that you are prepared to provide clients with the ability to add 25 currency options of their choosing, including major currencies like GBP, SAR, EUR, AUSD, and RIYAL, at no additional cost, and to modify the currency settings according to their unique requirements. This adaptation helps customers in various locations transact more easily and guarantees that the Thumbtack clone software is suitable for a worldwide user base.

Localization Feature ADD-ON FREE

A useful tool is the functional add-on that enables companies to run operations across many areas right from the admin interface. This feature gives companies the ability to alter prices, levies, services, and more to suit particular geographic areas in which they operate. This add-on guarantees a very flexible and region-specific user experience by empowering businesses to adjust and change their offers based on local demands, legislation, and preferences.

Website Installation & Launch- FREE

It is a significant service that you give to take care of the entire configuration after quality assurance and to deploy several panels on the hosting server. You're helping your clients' installation process tremendously by offering this all-inclusive support at no extra expense. This method reduces the effort and any difficulties for your clients while also guaranteeing a seamless setup and launch. It makes your service an appealing and simple-to-use option by demonstrating your commitment to providing a hassle-free experience.

iOS App Installation on App Store- FREE

Supporting the iOS app's iTunes App Store launch and providing help in the event that it is rejected shows how dedicated you are to making sure your clients' app releases are successful. Your readiness to help clients navigate the challenging submission process and deal with possible rejections highlights your proficiency with the app approval processes. In addition to making the process easier for customers, this degree of support gives them confidence that they have expert help to overcome any obstacles.


It's a useful tool to have the option to allow restricted access to particular sites, reports, and downloaded files, particularly when dealing with sensitive client data. Your willingness to comply without disclosing specific customer information shows how seriously you take data security and privacy. You are not only improving the functioning of your business but also demonstrating your commitment to client confidentiality by providing this as a free add-on.

Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

Offering a variety of payment methods to customers shows that you value their convenience and flexibility. Pre-integrating the Stripe Payment Gateway ensures a seamless user experience by providing a safe way to conduct debit and credit card transactions. Furthermore, allowing users to choose between in-app wallet transactions and direct cash payments increases the app's adaptability and accommodates those who have diverse payment preferences.

APP Rejection Support

Your breadth of experience in creating applications for the iOS and Android platforms attests to your proficiency in the domain. Your long-standing experience and guarantee of a flawless launch on the App Store are evidence of your technological ability. Furthermore, your dedication to helping clients—even when they are rejected for non-technical reasons—highlights your moral perspective. In addition to offering clients technical assurance, this degree of experience and moral direction gives them confidence in your professionalism.

Android App submission to Google Play Store

Your willingness to take care of everything after approval, from uploading to installing the Thumbtack clone app on the Google Play store to conducting quality assurance, shows that you are dedicated to providing your customers with a seamless experience. An additional degree of comfort is added by offering thorough support in the event of rejection along with a specialised app rejection service staff. This degree of support not only makes the process of deploying the app easier, but it also demonstrates your commitment to making sure the launch goes well.

Language of Your Choice- FREE

One major advantage is that it offers the ability to insert 25 language variations of the client's choosing into the app, tailored to specific area requirements, at no additional expense. This proves your dedication to meeting a range of linguistic requirements and guarantees that the software serves a worldwide user base efficiently. By offering this service without charge and making the procedure easier for customers, you not only improve user accessibility but also demonstrate your commitment to fulfilling specific customer needs.

Take a Look at Massage Therapists online Booking Application Demo


  • Social Media Login and Signup

  • Choose from nearby Providers

  • Book one or multiple Services

  • Make Payment using Cash, Card or Wallet

  • Track Provider

  • Provide Reviews & Ratings

  • Check Booking History

  • Book Now or Book Later

  • Easy Login and Registration

  • Track Job Location

  • Manage Services

  • Manage Documents

  • Accept or Decline Job Request

  • Define your Service Area

  • Manage Availability

  • Manage Payments

  • Social Media Signup

  • My Walllet

  • Booking History

  • Login using Phone number

  • Manage Profile

  • Robust Dashboard

  • Access records of Users

  • Manage Services

  • Admin Earning Reports

  • Clear Map View of Bookings, Providers and Users

  • Access Bookings

  • Payments Reports

  • Mass Push Notifications


Cloneifypro is pleased to provide the Uber for Massage Therapists Package, a comprehensive solution that includes an advanced website, an easy-to-use Therapist Panel, and an enhanced Client Panel. This all-inclusive wellness program is customised specifically for you. Although there is a predetermined list of services included in our therapeutic package, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any particular needs. We promise a smooth integration process.

Although managing a massage business might be difficult, our software makes things easier for you. Purchase our Uber for Massage Therapy app, and we’ll take care of the configuration. Remain calm and relish the soothing experience while your app begins to provide many massages, guaranteeing a consistent flow of revenue. Your success in the massage therapy industry is only a click away—leave the complexity to us!