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SHIPT APP CLONE – Multi-vendor Grocer Delivery App & Website Solution

Easily join the growing online grocery business by using our website and pre-built Shipt app clone! Our white-label platform provides a comprehensive, customisable solution specifically designed for supermarkets, food chains, and ambitious startups in various locations such as the USA, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

What is a Shipt app Clone?

To create a cohesive and flawless grocery shopping experience, a Shipt app clone mimics every notable feature of the Shipt app. The Shipt app clone is an excellent illustration of how the grocery industry as a whole comes together to provide a user-friendly online shopping experience. Recent data shows that 48% of online grocery shoppers chose Shipt app pickup and delivery services, outpacing 36% of shoppers who used Amazon’s grocery services. This demonstrates how well-liked and effective the Shipt app clone is at satisfying the changing demands of modern online grocery shoppers.


Shipt app Clone Script

The script for the Shipt app clone exhibits a strong alignment between business, product, design, and engineering, developing to provide an exceptional customer experience on a large scale. The clone script includes thousands of additional pickup slots, contactless payment, and Express Delivery—all of which were developed with the goal of satisfying the most urgent needs of customers. With this strategy, the Shipt app clone will continue to lead the way in innovation while offering a smooth, customer-focused online grocery shopping experience that adapts to the changing needs of the market.

Stunning Features of our Shipt app Clone

Picker App

Our platform’s Instacart-style picking experience guarantees a smooth shopping experience. Customers make their lists of things to buy, and a personal shopper finds and buys the items for them. Through our creative Shipt app clone, we offer users a personalized shopping experience that is efficient and mimics the convenience of having a personal shopper.

Driver Shift Management

Maximize delivery output and driver capacity on the Shipt app Clone to create a more effective and efficient delivery process. By doing this, it is made sure that every driver’s abilities are fully utilized, which raises customer satisfaction and productivity.

Store Fleet Management Console

Give retailers the ability to easily create new delivery orders and track the status of existing ones via a variety of sales channels on the Shipt app Clone. This feature guarantees a seamless and integrated process across various platforms and gives stores the ability to manage their delivery operations more effectively.

Progressive Web Application

Provide a better user experience on tablets, smartphones, and PCs by seamlessly integrating the mobile app on the Shipt app Clone with other devices. By optimizing accessibility and functionality across multiple devices, this guarantees a consistent and user-friendly interface, resulting in a more efficient and captivating shopping experience.

Route Optimization

Give drivers the tools they need to manage several deliveries on the Shipt app Clone effectively. By identifying the most cost-effective routes, improving overall logistics, and optimizing the number of deliveries per route for increased operational efficiency, the integration of a route optimization algorithm guarantees delivery cost optimization.

Driver Picker Module

In this case, the driver shops for the customer’s specified order in their capacity as a personal shopper. Through VOIP calls, the driver and customer can communicate about the specifics of the purchase, recommend other products if necessary, and complete the checkout procedure. By offering immediate and in-the-moment communication, this personalized approach improves the customer experience and guarantees that the customer’s preferences are satisfied as much as possible. 

Proof of Purchase

Stores use printed labels in this method to identify orders that are assigned to particular drivers. In order to guarantee that the right order is picked up and delivered by the assigned driver, the labels act as a marker to identify which orders belong to a specific driver. By streamlining order fulfillment and pickup procedures, this labeling procedure reduces error risk and boosts delivery process efficiency overall. 

Proof of Delivery

The driver uses a QR code scanning device to make sure the order is accurately turned over during delivery. In Shipt app clone, every order has its own QR code, which the driver scans before delivering the package. To ensure that the correct bag or product is being delivered to the right customer, this scanning system acts as a verification step. Customers also sign their receipts as a confirmation of receipt, which improves the authentication procedure even more. 

Contactless Delivery

For a contactless delivery experience, the delivery person can choose to leave the groceries outside the user’s address. The executive uploads a photo as verification in order to guarantee openness and delivery confirmation. This picture acts as visual documentation, providing a clear record of the successful delivery for the user and the delivery executive. This functionality improves delivery process security and confidence, particularly in situations when doorstep or contactless deliveries are favored.

Return Management

Customers can initiate a return order in the case that an item is damaged. Customers can utilize this option to ask for the return of a product that did not live up to their expectations or that came broken. The customer usually submits a request using the app, stating the reason for the return, in order to initiate the return order generation process. In Shipt app clone, this feature addresses issues with product damage or quality in an effort to give users a convenient and customer-friendly experience. 

Reattempt Delivery

The driver may choose to try again at a later time if the customer is unavailable during the first attempt at delivery. It’s crucial to remember that this re-attempted delivery may be subject to additional delivery fees. Customers are encouraged by this practice to be available for delivery at the appointed hour, and the additional fees pay for the administrative and logistical expenses involved in attempting delivery again.

Multiple pick-up & Delivery

Using route optimization algorithms, delivery service drivers can manage multiple deliveries with efficiency. These algorithms identify the best route for the driver to take by analyzing the geographic coordinates of several delivery locations. By using this optimization, the driver can cover the most deliveries in the shortest amount of time while using the least amount of fuel. The route optimisation algorithm lowers costs, lessens the impact on the environment, and improves delivery services overall by scheduling and arranging deliveries in the most effective order.

Fleet Management Console

Operating from the backend, the central dispatcher functions as a real-time command center, monitoring all current stores and orders. The whole delivery process may be efficiently managed and coordinated thanks to the Shipt app Clone. The dispatcher can keep an eye on the condition of different stores, follow the advancement of specific orders, and react quickly to any new problems that may arise.

Self Pick-up

One easy and adaptable solution is to let customers preorder a list of groceries and pick them up in person when they visit the store. With this method, customers may organize their grocery shopping ahead of time and have a seamless experience. Consumers may create a shopping list, use the app to place their purchase, and then select a convenient time to pick up their things straight from the store.

Loyalty Points

With each purchase, earn points towards interesting offers and discounts. Take advantage of a loyalty program that pays clients for their ongoing assistance. Get points according to the value of your orders, and when you hit a certain level, you can access unique offers, promotions, and special discounts. In addition to improving the customer’s buying experience, this rewards program builds client loyalty and promotes interaction with your platform and repeat business.


With a feature-rich customer app that facilitates a smooth and delightful buying experience, you can empower your business. Your consumer app becomes a one-stop shop for all of their needs when it is loaded with key features like an infinite number of categories, a wide range of products, a variety of brand offerings, multi-quantity pricing options, tempting deals, and the flexibility of multi-vendor add-ons.


The clients are connected to the pickup delivery boys—who pick up and deliver goods from numerous stores—by an effective and productive driver module. With this app that looks like Shipt app, drivers can easily map the destination and manage the list of deliveries that have been allocated to them.


With our Shipt app clone script, you can design a dynamic and flexible grocery delivery service that meets your company’s requirements. The versatility of the store app makes it possible to effortlessly configure it based on different parameters, guaranteeing a personalized and effective grocery delivery experience. Our script gives you the ability to create a successful app that is similar to the Shipt app grocery app and offers users a better, more user-friendly shopping experience, whether you choose to launch in the UK or Australia.


Find weekly specials and groceries from various retailers, quickly filter products, and add things to a single cart. With live order tracking, take advantage of various scheduling and payment options. With the help of our UK Shipt app clone script, improve your grocery app


See everything at a glance, including the status of drivers’ orders, available and unavailable grocery deliveries, and all of the ongoing grocery pickup and delivery jobs. Use our Shipt app clone script to develop a feature-rich app in Africa.


The Grocer delivery software’s super admin dashboard uses charts, graphs, and tables to display various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the platform. The dashboard is powered by data from the entire platform. You can filter each visualization by a specific date range. With our European Shipt app grocery clone, create a well-known app.


The web central dispatcher is accessible to a central dispatcher that is configured on the backend. They are able to give a real-time summary of all active stores and orders because of this. Using this Shipt app clone app, central dispatchers can also choose to assign orders to delivery agents manually or automatically.


Software for grocery delivery that is intelligently designed and has many features gives you the ability to support and manage your stores. Built-in unique technology features support the growth and success of your grocery business, as well as that of your franchisees.

Features of Shipt App Similar to Grocery Delivery

Grocer Makes Online Store Creation And Management Quick & Simple


Use our clever app to shop for groceries from the comfort of your couch! Locate local businesses that provide the best safety, delicious treats, and freshest produce. Check out “recommended” gems for exceptional customer service and hygiene badges for establishments that put your health first. Make a list of your “favorites” for easy reorders, and use customized product recommendations to find hidden treasures. Buying groceries has never been simpler, safer, or more delicious! Come on, let’s cook!


Skip the busy aisles and use our app to search with ease! Find the product or store that you’ve been craving with lightning-fast results. Our astute search locates the retailers carrying the products you want, and should the stock run out, it even recommends ideal alternatives. So, all of your grocery needs are at your fingertips, regardless of your brand loyalty or openness to new experiences! Cheers to your shopping!


With our blazing-fast Shipt Clone app, embrace the grocery marathon rather than the store sprint! Our multi-store platform, powered by ElasticSearch, shortens the time (and perspiration) between craving and basket by enabling you to quickly browse and filter a large catalog. From browse to doorway, the purchasing experience is flawless, and the checkout lines are left behind! Get moving!


Forget your troubles organizing groceries! You may precisely target your search using our robust filter. This app handles the needs of any type of consumer: price-conscious connoisseur, freshness enthusiast, or review-focused dynamo. Your preferred groceries will float to the top like culinary cream when you sort by ratings, availability, price range, or any other combination you might think of. Personalized shopping has never been so fulfilling!


Embrace the end of grocery guesswork! Products like a personal chef are revealed by our Shipt clone app, which also features an integrated price tracker to help you locate the greatest offer throughout our network of many stores, clear traits, and thorough descriptions. It’s similar to simultaneously scanning every store from the comfort of your couch. That’s grocery shopping done right now!


No more unexpected charges at checkout! You can wave goodbye to “oops, out of stock” moments with our app, which keeps you informed about the availability of products. In addition, our intelligent AI recommends comparable goodies based on what other grocery gourmets adore if something is absent. It’s the smartest, smoothest, and most delightful way to shop ever!


Let loose your inner multitasking grocery store! Using our software, you may create your cart like a culinary expert while shopping at several different places at once. Combine fresh ingredients from one, pantry essentials from another, and sweets from your neighborhood bakery in a single order! Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and hello to streamlined shopping. Plus, keep track of your savings as you go, schedule your delivery for ultimate convenience, and watch your grocery dreams roll in seamlessly. It’s shopping freedom, redefined!


Checkout: a triumph! After creating your multi-store masterpiece, make sure your order and address are correct. After that, select your method of payment (credit/debit card, cash on delivery, or reliable app wallet) and see your grocery fantasies come true. However, what happens if a store doesn’t exist in your map’s corner? Not a problem! Just alter your address or, if necessary, quickly cancel your transaction to change directions. Flexibility at your fingertips guarantees that every trip to the grocery store results in delightful satisfaction.


Put an end to grocery limbo! Every step of the process, you can see behind the scenes with our real-time tracker. You will be aware of the exact location of your order from the time it is selected until the very last doorbell rings. But do not panic even if a stray tomato disappears! You may communicate directly with pickers and delivery people using our agile app. Therefore, you can quickly say “hasta la pasta” to that missing item or select the ideal replacement on the spot. Never before has grocery shopping been so rewarding or transparent!


Recall all those successful grocery store runs (plus maybe that one unfortunate out-of-stock incident)? Our app tracks everything you’ve ever eaten! All previous and current orders, arranged neatly by month, year, or any other sorting technique that takes your fancy. Even extensive shopping sprees are meticulously documented, with every item embarking on a delectable trip. With grocery intelligence at your fingertips, you can make your next shopping excursion a triumph!


Owners of supermarkets, rejoice! With our user-friendly software, bid adieu to the order deluge and hello to streamlined control. Picture your home page with all the tabs nicely arranged: new orders awaiting your attention, pickups prepared and ready, checkouts only a click away, and deliveries on schedule. You can maintain every customer’s smile with laser-focused management instead of chaotic juggling. Optimize your process, control the cacophony of orders, and see your supermarket reach new heights!



Notice of new order! Every time a buyer clicks “place order,” our program rings your bell—figuratively, of course. Never again will an opportunity pass you by! Quickly access all the juicy data, including customer information, the itemized cart, the selected payment method, and the entire shopping experience. Get set, go, and go! Watch your business grow like a perfectly ripe avocado with each notice.


Put on your gloves and place your order! With the help of our Shipt app clone script, you—the exceptional store owner—can take charge. With a single press, accept the order. Then, select whether to appoint a reliable picker or pick the delicacies yourself. With tabs like “prepping perfection,” “packing prowess,” and “delivery dash” leading you to swift success, you’ll be able to monitor each step in real-time regardless of the method. Feel the wonderful gratification of satisfied customers (and a flourishing business!) as you see those orders get completed like clockwork!



Order mystery is over! Our program precisely and razor-sharply keeps you informed. Quickly examine the status of each item: “Not Picked” for just arrived things, “Picked” for scanned delights, “In Review” for items requiring additional care, and “Removed” for cravings that have been ticked off. Watch as your order goes from a wish list to a reality with each update, eliminating misunderstanding in the process!


On your watch, no shopping shambles! Using our software, you can become an expert stock-sleuth and quickly identify missing items. You may quickly alert the consumer by pinging them if a luscious mango starts acting strangely. Offer a tasty alternative (imagine juicy peaches!), and they can continue their supermarket trip with just a single tap. Transparency, one delectable update at a time, fosters confidence!



Checkout: a triumph! Our grocery delivery software puts a stop to the madness of bagging. A simple upload of the ticket into the app as the cashier rings up those delectable finds makes sure everyone is in agreement. Then the brave picker enters, verifying the number of bags and using the label printer like a culinary superhero. Every bag receives a special tag that is connected to the order and prepared for the grand delivery. Scan, seize, and proceed! Watch the smiles on your customers’ faces broaden like a perfectly ripe watermelon with each smooth step.


Grocery woes are history! The tasty adventure with our app continues after you check out. Your excited consumers can receive real-time updates from store owners and independent drivers informing them that their groceries are on their way. Bid farewell to pacing the porch and hello to accurate ETAs sent directly to their phones. As customers follow the journey of their order—from selection perfection to doorstep ding—watch satisfaction sizzle! This is grocery delivery done to perfection, making every morsel full with anticipation.


Store drivers respond quickly to orders they are given, while freelance heroes select their missions based on notifications of orders they either accept or decline. Decide when you’re available to ensure that drivers and satisfied consumers waiting for their grocery delivery have flexibility. It’s a  win-win delivery experience…


The driver can visit the stores and begin picking up the things as soon as he is given a job. He may be picked up from different stores more than once (and for different clients). He can provide clients with real-time updates straight during the delivery process.


Imagine superhumans with several talents who carry groceries and make people happy all across the city! With our delivery platform, drivers can update customers and store owners at the same time, regardless of the number of addresses they are delivering to. One tasty update at a time, smooth communication is what drives grocery happiness!


In the event that the customer is not available, the driver may try again to deliver the item. He may carry out the same action for further justifications as well, and he must give the system administrator a good cause before reporting a retry.


To verify that each bag is picked up, the driver must scan its unique bar code. It is the greatest grocery delivery software because this procedure will also assist in determining whether the driver has picked up the correct order.


In the event that the customer is not available, the driver may try again to deliver the item. He may carry out the same action for further justifications as well, and he must give the system administrator a good cause before reporting a retry.


One of the most important methods utilised by non-eCommerce and eCommerce platforms to find relationships between products is market basket analysis.


Banners are a useful tool for drawing attention to deals, discounts, new merchandise, product categories, brands, or essential details.


Using a trigger-workflow approach, the referral campaign module is created as a loyalty program. The reward workflow is initiated for both the new user and the user whose referral code was used, provided that specific conditions are satisfied.


By offering discounts on orders placed through the application, promo codes are a fantastic way to encourage more users to place orders.


Smart Alerts are a highly useful tool for restaurants or a platform to effectively retarget lost or potential users. Customers may receive automated alerts that are triggered by events based on user segmentation.


Establish criteria so that users can rate each order’s experience on the site, and create average ratings for drivers and stores.


The dashboard uses charts, graphs, and tables to display various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the platform, all powered by data from the entire platform. You can filter each visualization by a certain date range.


Define and oversee various taxes that each city may impose on its products.


Establish, set up, and oversee manager logins and statuses for a city or a chain of stores. To manage the orders, the users created in this part can log in to the web, iOS, and Android apps for a store or city.


Construct and oversee the many elements related to and required for the addition of products to the platform.


For the main products, create, amend, and remove product categories.


For the store’s products, create, amend, and remove product categories.


adding products, add, edit, and remove any brands that could be applicable.


When adding products, add, update, and remove manufacturers that might be useful.


Set up an alternative type of package box.


Set up many packaging options for wholesale sales by using bulk pricing.


Products can be added, updated, imported, and deleted from the store or central inventory.


Goods connected to various retailers; Central Products: Goods found in the central product inventory.


Every guest and registered user’s information from the customer application and website is collected in this part. This section also highlights the details of the registered users’ carts and any adjustments made to them.


Define and oversee several payment gateways, as well as the fees each one charges for transactions. A flat cost or a percentage of the transaction amount could be charged as the transaction fee.


Define and oversee several zones and cities. The city setup additionally configures the parameters for the mileage pricing (delivery fee).


Control the language, app version, dispatching, live tracking, and other global app settings.


Specify and amend the commission that the application receives from each running store. A commission may be expressed as a percentage of the total order value or as a fixed fee.


This part comprises the order estimate and the total order amount with delivery cost computations, both before and after the consumer places or confirms the order.


App commission is charged to each store; add, edit, and manage store categories and stores.


Another option available to apps is the standard eCommerce per product per store commission.


Set up parameters for live tracking, product feeds, order dispatching, driver presence, and other features.


Every item in the eCommerce process might be sent out in a box after being wrapped. To link the product to the box size, a system administrator might create the different box sizes on the CMS Panel. These sizes would then be available on the product addition page.


On the platform, you can enable or disable multiple languages. Every language that is enabled adds a new data input field to each platform component.


Describes the current iterations of every platform programme. enables the system administrator to notify users about updated versions and whether updating is required for a particular version.

Quick Deployment

With our pre-built platform, you can jump right in and eliminate the need for protracted development processes. Let us handle the technical details so you can concentrate on your own branding and products.

Complete Customization

We may modify our solution to meet your unique requirements. For a flawless user experience, incorporate preferred payment channels, personalize the app and website design, and take into account regional preferences.

Rich Features

Take advantage of an extensive feature set that includes essential features like secure checkout, real-time tracking, delivery scheduling, user profiles, and product browsing.

Protection and Scalability

You can be confident that our platform is designed to be both scalable and capable of supporting your company’s and your customers’ expanding needs for strong data protection.

Comprehending the Shipt App Duplication

Consider a pre-made platform that duplicates the main features of the well-known Shipt grocery delivery app. A Shipt app clone is essentially this. It offers a pre-made framework on which you can construct your own customised online grocery delivery business without having to spend a lot of money on time-consuming, expensive bespoke development.

Uncovering the Shipt App Clone Your Route to Tailored Online Grocery Ordering

A potent tool for companies looking to get into the rapidly expanding online food delivery market is the Shipt app clone. However, what is it precisely and how can it meet your unique needs? Let’s explore further, armed with information and analysis to help you make a decision.

Local Market Expertise

We can outfit your platform with features and functionalities that are pertinent to your target audience because we are aware of the subtle differences across various markets.

Reduced Time-to-Market

You can capitalize on market opportunities sooner by launching your online grocery service far faster than if you were starting from scratch.


Take advantage of the reasonably priced subscription plans provided by clone providers instead of incurring the high cost of custom creation.

Decreased Development Risk

Make use of functionalities that have already been thoroughly tested to reduce the likelihood of errors and development snags.You can realize the full potential of your online grocery delivery business and carve out a position for yourself in this thriving sector by utilising the power of a Shipt app clone and concentrating on these other factors.


Select systems designed to grow with your company, easily handling rising order quantities and user counts.

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