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Phenomenal Doctor Booking Script

In order to create an unrivaled Uber for Doctors app solution, our top-tier doctor booking script draws inspiration from elite on-demand healthcare providers, industry-leading telemedicine services, and great doctor appointment booking scripts.

04.1 - Menu
Nearby Healthcare Professionals- Live Map View

Our Practo clone app’s Live Map View feature offers real-time convenience by showing nearby medical specialists and doctor services through an easy-to-use in-app map interface.

In-App Healthcare Services Filter

Use the numerous filtering options provided by to take control of your decisions and choose the on-demand healthcare service provider who best suits your needs.

06 - Quick Search
Filtered List View

Utilise our user-friendly Uber for Doctor script to quickly access a selected list of medical specialists and other Uber for Doctors service providers, along with availability details and thorough ratings.

Expansive Doctors & Healthcare Professionals Profiles

Utilize our Uber for Doctors app to explore thorough profiles of medical specialists. Discover their credentials, services provided, in-depth information, affiliations with clinics and hospitals, and other pertinent information to enable you to make knowledgeable healthcare selections.

04 - Landing (1)
Certifications & Reviews

Users can learn about the credentials and verifications of specialists with our Practo clone script, ensuring openness and confidence in on-demand medical professionals.

Booking & Scheduling Through Video Consultations

Users have access to sophisticated on-demand doctor booking and in-clinic appointment scheduling options with our Practo clone script. They can also easily schedule video consultations with the healthcare professionals they have chosen, assuring flexible and thorough healthcare services.

08 - Connection
Promo Codes & Payment Methods

Users can enter discount codes from a variety of promotional, referral, or marketing campaigns in our Practo clone app solution. Users can also select their chosen payment method with ease, providing a streamlined and adaptable experience.

View Bookings

The users of our Practo Clone script have access to a detailed view of all of their reservations. This includes previous reservations, allocated bookings, and even outstanding booking requests that on-demand healthcare providers are still debating whether to accept. The management of medical appointments is transparent and effective thanks to this comprehensive perspective.

19 - Settings
03 - Menu
Real-time Booking Status & its Updates

Users of the Uber for Doctors application can follow their assigned medical staff members and ongoing appointments in real-time. This real-time monitoring makes users more comfortable and guarantees a smooth healthcare experience.

Live Map Tracking

Through the live map view in our Practo clone script, you can follow the path of your on-demand doctor house call visit. Real-time updates increase transparency and convenience for a seamless healthcare experience.

23 - Contact
In-App Messaging

Use our platform to have on-demand discussions with the appointed doctors. Ask for prompt medical guidance, talk about physical issues, or conveniently treat ailments to ensure timely and knowledgeable healthcare encounters.

Video Consultations

Users may now book live video consultations using our white label Practo clone script or Uber for Doctors script, taking a lesson from the telemedicine app market. With this development, our platform now offers the comfort of virtual healthcare conversations.


UBER for Doctors Website Booking

On-Demand Doctor Booking Portal

We are pleased to introduce our comprehensive online booking platform, which serves a wide range of on-demand healthcare professionals and services. You may easily get a broad range of healthcare services at your fingertips.

View Verified Profiles of Healthcare Professionals

View detailed, verified profiles of the doctors and other healthcare providers listed in our doctor booking script. Learn everything there is to know about their training and experience to make wise healthcare decisions.

Flexible Appointment Booking & Tracking

With a comprehensive look at available healthcare professionals, current consultations, and the status of scheduled healthcare jobs, you may gain a holistic viewpoint. Further ensuring flawless and uninterrupted healthcare interactions, our technology offers real-time updates on each phone’s battery level.

UBER for Doctors Dispatcher

Bird’s Eye View

Get a thorough breakdown of all planned and on-demand taxi jobs, as well as the current status of online and offline drivers. Additionally, our software provides real-time information on each user’s phone’s battery level, assuring a seamless and interruption-free ride-hailing experience.

Healthcare Bookings- Manual Management

With careful consideration of medical specialization, proximity, availability, and patient requirements, doctors and other healthcare professionals are strategically assigned to on-demand house call services. This ensures prompt and specialized care for higher patient satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes.

Individual Healthcare/Doctors on Demand View

Utilize a real-time dashboard to effectively monitor the progress of individual house call doctor jobs and live mobile healthcare requests. Quick and accurate healthcare delivery is made possible by this system’s immediate insights about task progress, patient locations, and assignment statuses.


Healthcare Provider Management

Manage the on-demand healthcare providers on your site effectively. Ensure a high standard of care by accepting qualified professionals and maintaining a seamless user experience by evaluating and managing professional registrations for your ``Uber for Doctors`` app.

Fare Set up

Create and manage on-demand healthcare service prices based on location, availability, and service type to create a well-organized and expert pricing structure for your platform.

Promotions & Referrals

Implementing and managing referral programs and promotional coupons within your ``Uber for Doctors`` platform will result in a dynamic and expertly managed system to reward users and promote engagement.

Track Bookings

On your Practo clone script, track real-time healthcare service bookings to get rapid visibility into incoming requests as they are made for effective tracking and administration.


Create a Practo clone program that incorporates a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the earnings of various healthcare providers enrolled on the site, ensuring precise and well-managed financial management.

Payroll Management

Integrate a smooth payroll administration system into your Practo clone program to enable service providers to handle cash and credit card payments effectively. Through this interface, payments are made directly and securely to the chosen bank accounts, increasing transactional simplicity and financial transparency.

Services Management

Using your customized Practo clone application, similar to the Uber for X concept, you can efficiently handle a variety of service categories while guaranteeing the best possible customer experience.

Bird’s Eye View

Utilize a map interface to gain real-time insight into reservations and travel across cities or zones. This allows for immediate tracking and visualization of ongoing activities for effective management and improved operational control.

Zone Management

Create service zones for your Uber for Doctors application by drawing polylines on a map. This will allow you to set specific prices based on location for a flexible and effective pricing structure.


By enabling push messages from the Practo clone app admin, you may enable direct communication between the app admin, service providers, and clients, assuring smooth and quick information dissemination for improved engagement and efficient coordination.

Reports & Reviews

Utilizing user feedback on your Practo clone app, you may keep tabs on healthcare professionals and enforce strict quality standards while also facilitating continuing evaluation to guarantee outstanding service quality and user pleasure.

Commission Setup

Create several app commission structures for distinct retailers to enable a personalized and flexible revenue sharing strategy within your platform for seamless resource allocation and financial management.

Why Choose our Doctor Booking Script?

Completely Customizable

With the numerous customization options provided by our Practo clone software solution, you can establish a variety of on-demand healthcare service enterprises. Our platform adjusts to your specific needs and enables customized solutions, whether you're developing a general house call doctors service or a specialized pediatrician on-demand app.

PCI Compliant

You may take in-app purchases without worrying about the law by using our Practo clone software, which also ensures PCI compliance and tokenization, giving your users a safe and simple payment experience.

Pre-Built Scripts

We surpass the productivity of other on-demand healthcare app developers in the market by accelerating the transfer of your white-label app from customized development to deployment with our unique Pre-Built IP approach.

Scalable & Clean Design

Ours is the best Practo clone software available today and the Uber for doctors app thanks to its use of cutting-edge app container technology, strict code standards, and microservice architecture. Our dedication to security and safety further establishes its position as an industry leader.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support

Start your Practo clone app journey with the freedom to launch it in any language of your choice, including German, Arabic, Chinese, and more. Our app ensures seamless deployment in the language and currency of your choice while taking into account various international markets.

Referrals, Promotions, and Loyalty Programs

Improve overall retention and grow your exclusive Uber for doctors app user base by putting into practice smart tactics like reward programs, promotions, and referral programs that encourage engagement and long-term customer pleasure.

SEO Friendly Design

Each personalized on-demand healthcare solution we develop stands out conspicuously in search engines and app stores because of the rigorous design of our Practo clone app, which maximizes visibility and encourages user engagement.

App Monitoring & Chatbots

Our on-demand healthcare app development solutions set ourselves apart from the competition by providing unique app monitoring services that are effortlessly linked with chatbot functionality. This ensures that you get real-time performance updates for your personalized Uber for Doctors app solution, allowing for quick insights and proactive management.


Our Practo clone app solutions stand out for their unwavering security in addition to their robustness and scalability. We ensure thorough security coverage spanning the entire app and each individual API, protecting your platform at every level, by utilizing cutting-edge techniques like Keychain, SSL-powered APIs, JWT, and reverse proxy configuration.


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