Oladoc Clone

Oladoc Clone-An Intro

With our Oladoc Clone, an online service created to duplicate the vital characteristics and features of the renowned Oladoc platform, you can find a flawless solution for arranging doctor appointments. Our Oladoc Clone gives you the ability to accomplish your objectives in less time and on a less budget, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to quickly begin your doctor appointment booking firm or looking to streamline your healthcare services. With our customized solution, you can enjoy the comfort and effectiveness of contemporary healthcare and make your entry into the sector a resounding success.

Oladoc Clone Advanced Features

Reasons Behind Choosing Oladoc Clone in Healthcare

Despite the impressive expansion of the healthcare industry, there are numerous ways to meet your desires for an online doctor appointment platform. However, using a ready-made script, such as the Oladoc clone, is the fastest way to realize your ideas. The best course of action for developing a visually appealing doctor appointment booking platform that successfully meets the demands of the online healthcare market is to choose an easily accessible Oladoc clone script.


Your online doctor booking app will be quickly launched thanks to the Oladoc clone, preventing any delays. By utilizing this technique, you can successfully create a powerful Oladoc-like software that is packed with alluring features and is effortlessly incorporated using a skillfully written clone script. The script’s visual elements, such as video chat, instant messaging, Q&A forums, and others, have the power to attract consumers and improve the standing of your program. With these distinctive features, your Oladoc-like software is set up for quick success.


The creation of a medical appointment booking app with plenty of features becomes urgently necessary given that the Oladoc clone can link patients and physicians all over the world. In addition to making it easier for people to schedule appointments, this platform offers doctors a perfect framework for effectively managing their own appointment calendars.

Reasons for the Selection of our Special Oladoc Clone Solution

The creation of a medical appointment booking app with plenty of features becomes urgently necessary given that the Oladoc clone can link patients and physicians all over the world. In addition to making it easier for people to schedule appointments, this platform offers doctors a perfect framework for effectively managing their own appointment calendars.


As a result, our team of professionals created a complete Oladoc clone solution designed to make it easier to set up your online doctor appointment platform. This pre-built solution, which has been carefully selected with a variety of remarkable features and functionalities, is ready to improve the user experience and guarantee easy scheduling of doctor appointments.


To guarantee seamless performance on a variety of devices and screen sizes, our Oladoc clone script goes through extensive testing. With our solution, establishing your first-rate medical appointment booking portal is an easy task that fits your budget. Get ready to share your outstanding platform with the world and watch as your online healthcare business benefits from it quickly.



Oladoc Clone & Its Features

Digital Prescription

The digital prescription button for the specific doctor becomes active when the appointment is over, streamlining the prescription process on the Oladoc clone and enabling the quick writing of detailed digital prescriptions for patients. With the help of this ground-breaking tool, doctors may easily provide patients with thorough prescriptions. In turn, patients benefit from the ease of having access to the doctor’s most recent prescription information anytime they need it. The inclusion of this feature in the Oladoc knockoff is well received by both physicians and patients, showing a user-centric strategy that improves the prescription experience as a whole.

Video & Direct Visit

Our Oladoc clone introduces a feature that offers insights about the accessibility of particular doctors, empowering patients with transparency and clarity. Patients may easily find out if a specific doctor is available for direct in-person visits or video appointments. Patients are better equipped with this knowledge to decide quickly and with complete clarity. When armed with this information on availability and appointment types, patients can easily make appointments with the doctors of their choice, ushering in a streamlined and trouble-free process that improves patient-doctor interactions.

Mercurial Chat

Our technology allows for easy communication between patients and doctors via a dedicated chat box when a consultation has been scheduled. Our Oladoc clone’s clever feature guarantees quick communication, allowing patients to easily contact qualified professionals. This feature enables patients to quickly request explanations about prescriptions, appointments, and more, promoting effective and competent treatment.


Patients can easily schedule appointments with doctors using the features of our MeetDoc platform, doing away with the necessity for direct communication. Users are astounded by this ground-breaking function since it offers quick appointment scheduling, expediting the procedure like never before.

Availability Check Regulation

Our Oladoc clone offers a special feature that empowers medical professionals: the capability for doctors to set up thorough availability parameters. This includes the distinction between instant and request bookings, consultation hours, and preferences for video or direct visits. By clearly communicating their availability, doctors may eliminate confusion and ensure seamless scheduling, making it easier for patients to make appointments.

Reviews & Ratings

Our Oladoc clone includes rating and review elements to empower patient-doctor engagement and give patients a platform to express their experiences. This helps potential patients make well-informed judgments before making an appointment. Positive reviews not only promote doctors’ recognition but also hasten their ascension to prominence in the medical world.

Payment Gateway

Our Oladoc copycat effortlessly integrates the Stripe Connect payment mechanism to make payments simpler. This streamlined approach guarantees set commission rates and automates payment splitting, giving users a hassle-free experience.


Our Oladoc clone adds multi-currency capability to increase convenience by enabling customers to easily transact in their preferred currency. The platform becomes a fluid and user-friendly payment hub thanks to this user-focused feature that streamlines payments.


Watch as our Oladoc clone software seamlessly converts the entire website’s content into your chosen language to demonstrate its capabilities. Millions of people in the doctor appointment booking community are expected to be profoundly affected by this extraordinary addition, elevating user experience to new heights.

Cancellation Policy

By utilizing our features doctors can set up appropriate cancellation procedures. These regulations specify the procedure to be followed in the event of an appointment cancellation, including whether patient payments are completely, partially, or not at all refundable.

Tag Your Favorites

By enabling patients to bookmark favored doctors or those that particularly interest them, our Oladoc clone empowers users. Patients can easily access these saved options thanks to this special functionality, which facilitates effective decision-making when necessary. This innovation dramatically improves the user experience by speeding up the doctor selection process, making their experience using the platform joyful and easy.

Excellence, Ailment, and Insurance

Our Oladoc clone empowers patients by introducing a cutting-edge feature that enables accurate doctor searches based on specialties, illnesses, and preferred insurance plans. Millions of patients on the platform will definitely be in awe of this ground-breaking innovation. Patients may quickly get customized results because of the process’ streamlining, which enhances their overall experience while making the search for their ideal doctor smooth and effective.

Filters & Doctors Search

Our Oladoc clone, which makes use of cutting-edge technology, has a number of sophisticated search filters that make it easier for patients to choose their preferred doctors. By utilizing this advanced function, patients may quickly determine the practitioner who is most suitable for their needs, which facilitates appointment booking for quick access to healthcare.

Invites & Social Logins

With our app offering, seamless access is essential, allowing customers to sign in with ease via Facebook, Google, and other social platforms. Our Oladoc clone also enables users to send the app to friends and family, maximizing the advantages of its remarkable features.

Controls & Instant Notifications

Our Oladoc clone script has a priceless instant notification feature that makes sure users receive important updates like appointment confirmations and cancellations right away. Users are alerted in real-time of all actions taking place on the site. By giving users the option, they may tailor their experience to their preferences by choosing whether to accept or deny these notifications.


Reach out to our devoted team at any time to start any required customizing help. No matter what alterations, additions, or novel ideas you have for our product, our staff is prepared to work with you to make them a reality. Our key priorities are innovation and customer happiness.

Prime Revenue Generating Factors

Website Charges

The admin can unlock significant revenue generating by implementing percentage-based commission rules within the platform for arranging doctor's appointments. With the help of this calculated strategy, the admin can guarantee a predetermined commission for each successful booking managed by the platform.

Google Adsense

The admin has the chance to increase their revenues by utilizing this revenue enhancement component. The administrator can access a different revenue source by integrating a Google Adsense account and displaying Google adverts on their platform. Increased views and clicks on these advertisements hold the potential to yield a substantial profit, further boosting the administrator's financial gains.

Crypto-Wallet Integration

Experience the simplicity and security of our streamlined payment integration, which enables your consumers to easily make purchases using their cryptocurrency wallets.

Awesome Addons on Doctor Appointment Scheduling Platform

Website Banner Design

With a stunning website banner that has the power to capture millions of users, unleash the power of visual allure. This striking work of art serves as both an efficient marketing and promotion tool while subtly highlighting your products. You can be confident that when you buy this add-on, you’ll get a well crafted banner that’s ready to make a big impression.

App and Play Store Preview Designs

With eye-catching App Store and Google Play Store preview designs, you can increase the appeal of your product. These intriguing images act as irresistible invites, reigniting user interest and assuring continued use of your website.

Smart Response

By allowing users to quickly respond to incoming messages on your app’s chat tab, you can promote seamless conversation. Utilize the app’s time-saving abilities to streamline interactions and produce an engaging experience that appeals to a larger group of active users.

Single Country Personalization

Create a narrowly focused app or website experience that is geared only to a certain area or nation. You may carefully attract consumers from a targeted place, increasing engagement and relevance. This outstanding feature assures that your app is free from any unwanted areas while also attracting the targeted consumers.

OTP Login Via Mobile

Improve user login and registration with a faster procedure that makes use of mobile numbers and OTP verification for higher levels of security. This excellent authentication system in the Oladoc clone effectively eliminates phony registrations and bookings, bolstering the platform’s reliability.

Google Adsense

Integrate Adsense into your website to improve user experience while maximizing revenue. Increase visitor engagement with resonant, relevant premium Google advertisements. You simultaneously improve the user experience and boost your earnings with each view or click on these advertisements.


Add watermarks to your submitted photographs to increase security and ensure complete privacy. By using watermarked photos across your platform, you can ensure that content is protected and within your control and prevent unlawful use and duplication.

Chat Translation

Utilize Google Translator’s strength within your app to let users easily follow chat conversations in the language of their choice. Break down language boundaries with the help of this cutting-edge chat translation technology and raise the bar for user interaction on your platform.

Audio Messages

Integrate voice messaging services into the Oladoc clone to improve user chat experiences and add life to dialogues. Users are given rapid access to a seamless means of communication thanks to this innovative feature, which enhances interactions and the user experience overall.

Utilization of S3 Buckets From AWS

Give users the opportunity to easily organize, store, and retrieve large amounts of data thanks to the smooth integration of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) within the app. Enjoy the highest level of data protection possible with world-class security features that protect your important data from unauthorized access.

Adaptive Image Moderation

Integrate a strong image moderation feature within the product to track down and delete offensive and improper photos uploaded or posted by users on your platform and protect your brand’s reputation.

GIFs and Emojis in Chat

Emojis and GIFs can add to the dynamic and interesting environment of our chat, improving your enjoyment of interactions. Emojis can occasionally convey feelings and tone in a way that words alone can’t, giving our dialogue a more unique feel. GIFs, on the other hand, might add humour, excitement, or visually appealing ways to communicate ideas.

Recaptcha For Google

Integrate cutting-edge Google Recaptcha technology to strengthen your website’s defenses. By ensuring a secure user experience, our cutting-edge security solution not only protects your platform from spam and other harmful behaviors but also fosters client loyalty. This technology efficiently reduces harmful traffic, improving the efficiency of your website and raising the level of general quality and dependability.

Arabic Language

Immerse yourself in thorough product information and pertinent data that is now easily accessible in Arabic. Our platform becomes even more approachable and enticing to Arabic-speaking consumers with excellent Right-to-Left (RTL) alignment support, hence growing our user base.

Promotional Banners for Social Media

Use engaging marketing banners to grab users’ attention and spread product awareness through social media platforms. When this addon is acquired, each user will get five promotional banners across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. With these eye-catching images, you may expand your audience and make a lasting impression.

Animation Splash Screen

Improve the visual appeal of your app with a polished, original animated splash screen. Users will be astounded by this interesting update, which will pique their interest and encourage greater use of the app.

Video Background for the App’s Intro Screen

To easily grab users’ attention, add an informative and engaging background movie to your app’s login screen. You can establish an immediate and strong connection with users through this dynamic visual experience, leaving a lasting impression that both informs and entertains.

Social Media Cover Banner

Utilize visually beautiful cover banners for your social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to capture the attention of millions of users. This tactical choice guarantees that your business gets attention while projecting a consistent and polished image across all media. Utilize the impact of an eye-catching social network cover banner to make an impression that lasts.


Healthcare Provider Management

Effectively screen and onboard healthcare providers by carefully examining their credentials, resulting in a platform that is top-notch, compliant, and patient-focused. Keep your lines of communication open while utilizing data-driven insights to guarantee ongoing excellence in providing high-quality healthcare services.

View Recorded Video Calls

Ensure that authorized users can evaluate finished telemedicine consultation recordings for quality control and regulatory compliance while upholding strict data protection regulations by enabling secure access to them.

Promotions & Referrals

Implement and manage referral campaigns and promotion codes within your customized on-demand platform to increase user involvement and growth by rewarding participation and efficiently measuring and managing campaign results.

Appointments Tracking

To ensure immediate access to monitor and manage healthcare consultations as they take place on the platform for effective oversight and quality assurance, provide real-time visibility into all currently taking place consultations.


Create a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the pay of various healthcare professionals enrolled on the app. This would enable accurate financial management and fair pay distribution.


Create a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the pay of various healthcare professionals enrolled on the app. This would enable accurate financial management and fair pay distribution.

Specialist Management

Assure orderly classification, ideal matching, and a seamless user experience while efficiently managing different on-demand doctor categories within your tailored application, improving the usability and efficiency of healthcare services.

Bird’s Eye View

Give people access to a real-time map display of their appointments and consultations across many locations or time zones. This would improve operational efficiency and enable prompt decision-making on the go.

Pre-Appointment Survey

Create specialized pre-appointment questions for a range of symptoms to allow healthcare professionals to collect pertinent patient data prior to consultations, improving diagnostic accuracy and facilitating more effective medical evaluations.

Push Notification-Real Time

Enable real-time updates sent to consumers and healthcare professionals via direct in-app push notifications to enable seamless communication, ensure timely information sharing, and boost platform engagement.

Ratings & Reviews

Utilizing consumer feedback and reviews, which enable ongoing assessment and guarantee of good service delivery inside the platform, enables the monitoring of healthcare professionals and the upholding of high quality standards.

Commission Set Up

Configure the app's commission structure for various healthcare professionals to enable clear fee distribution, fair remuneration, and long-term platform income growth.