Amazing offerup Clone classified-script for your online marketplace business

Why Offerup Clone script for your online Classified business?

An Insight into Offerup Clone Script

Use an OfferUp clone script, a sophisticated online tool, to launch your classified advertisements platform, efficiently catering to the growing needs of numerous vendors and customers. You may create a fascinating online classifieds platform that catches attention and supports frictionless transactions by customizing this bespoke solution.


How can you bankroll with an Offerup clone Application?

Using an advanced OfferUp clone script to build your classified advertisements platform allows you to generate revenue using tactics such as Google advertisements, Banner Ads, featured ad placements, and obtaining a commission from every successful transaction on the site.

Offerup clone Script Advanced Features

How does the Offerup clone facilitate the start of your online classified business ?

By leveraging the advantages of a full OfferUp clone, you can confidently traverse the competitive field of online classifieds. This clone, which is seamlessly integrated with vital capabilities, enables you to quickly launch your online classifieds endeavor, boasting both responsiveness and robustness to effectively compete in the market.

Does the Offerup clone support multiple classified business concepts?

Indeed, the scalability of a fully configurable OfferUp clone script allows for the easy integration of a wide range of classified business models. Whatever your niche within the classified business, this scalable solution enables you to excel and prosper in this booming sector by establishing your presence with a dynamic and adaptable platform that is linked with industry growth.

Readymade Offerup Clone Classified Script General Features

Video and Direct visit


Book Appointments

Manage Availability

Ratings and Reviews

Multiple currency and language


Cancellation policy

Saved doctors

Specialist, Illness, & Insurance

Filters and Search doctors

Doctor and Hospital Profile

Successful Revenue Generators of our Offerup clone app

Running Banner Ads


Our OfferUp clone not only provides smooth user experiences, but it also provides Admins with a lucrative route to increase their earnings through targeted banner adverts. Administrators have complete control over ad display frequencies, demonstrating the platform’s sophisticated management skills and increasing the overall profitability and appeal of the classifieds ecosystem.

Pay per Transaction


A simplified process is in place inside the area of our OfferUp clone, allowing the platform’s Admin to easily generate money through a predetermined commission percentage from every transaction done on the online classified site. This intelligent design enables the Administrator to profit from user purchases, giving an efficient and effective way of revenue generating that is completely interwoven into the user experience.

Featured Promotions


The Admin can profit from our platform by giving sellers the ability to quickly market their products through carefully placed featured places. This feature increases the visibility of featured products, allowing sellers to successfully target a bigger pool of potential buyers while providing the Admin with a way to monetise the platform through expanded product marketing.

Google Ads


Our OfferUp clone, distinguished by its capability for Google AdWords, provides a lucrative route for the Admin to supplement earnings. As clicks and views on these advertising within the classifieds platform increase, so do the Admin’s earnings, indicating a clever integration of monetization potential that utilizes user engagement to boost financial returns.

Success Mantra of Offerup clone script

Buyer & Seller Connect


Forging and establishing ties between sellers and potential purchasers posed significant challenges in the not-too-distant past. However, technical developments resulted in a fundamental shift in this landscape, symbolized by the introduction of Offerup clones. This novel method has piqued the interest of many entrepreneurial minds, allowing them to build powerful online marketplaces that seamlessly connect merchants and buyers for mutual gain.

For Myriad Online Classified Business Models


In the midst of the increasing growth of the online classified sector, the diverse application of Offerup clones has received great traction in the building of appealing classified advertisement platforms. Entrepreneurs may easily tap into a variety of renowned online classified areas by using the capabilities of an Offerup clone, including but not limited to vehicle, real estate, employment listings, auctions, pet-related ads, and more.

Offerup clone- Promising Future of the Online Classified Industry


With an increasing demand for convenient and safe online marketplaces to promote the exchange of products and services, the online classified business is positioned for long-term growth. In this scenario, the Offerup clone is a strong competitor to define the future of the industry. Recognizing consumers’ changing tastes and needs, a strong Offerup clone must incorporate cutting-edge features and technology, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy digital center for numerous sellers and buyers to congregate.

What can you do with our Offerup clone?


Our adaptable and ideal Offerup clone can be significantly customized to meet a variety of business requirements, enabling varied online classified endeavors. Regardless of how unique your online classified thoughts are, our scalable Offerup clone may help you turn your revolutionary ideas into thriving realities. In summary, our solution is positioned to provide your online classifieds business with a significant competitive advantage, consolidating your market position.

Electrify Users with these Astonishing Addons!!!

Text Translator


Integration of an advanced text translation capability within the Offerup clone appears to be a smart alternative for overcoming linguistic barriers between platform users. This revolutionary feature enables smooth communication by adeptly translating chat messages into the preferred language of vendors and buyers, hence improving user experience and global accessibility.

High-Quality audio/video calls


Enhance platform user interaction by effortlessly incorporating a high-quality audio/video call solution into the Offerup clone. This innovation enables users to communicate in real time with ease, enabling face-to-face encounters for rapid engagement and successful discourse whenever the need arises.

Arabic RTL Support


Utilize the potential for improved platform user experience by incorporating Arabic RTL support in the Offerup clone. This crucial innovation enables users to do searches in Arabic RTL, appealing to a broad worldwide audience and capturing the attention of millions of people seeking seamless interaction in their preferred linguistic orientation.

User-generated Ratings & Reviews


Allow vendors to empower buyers on the marketplace by allowing them to provide ratings and reviews for the things they have purchased. This insightful feedback method not only improves the user experience, but it also serves as a significant resource for prospective consumers, assisting them in making decisions when considering the purchase of related products.

App Personalization


By incorporating this key feature into the Offerup clone, administrators will be able to precisely target and configure their program to work inside specified geographical locations. This capability enables administrators to easily cater to the needs of localized user groups by allowing for seamless alignment with the needs of diverse audience segments.

Ad Posts Restriction


Administrators can exert control over the volume of adverts displayed by users on the site by implementing this critical add-on. This intentional implementation encourages users to use the application’s premium capabilities, increasing their engagement for repeated ad postings and improving their overall experience.


Our script, which incorporates the most cutting-edge technological innovations, is a monument to perfection in conception and expertise in execution. It has been created entirely with cutting-edge technologies, delivering a flawless and unique user experience.

“We always focus on Customer Delight!”

A World of Benefits: Embracing Diversity in Features and Arousing Meaningful Discussions!
Customer Delight Unleashed: The Penultimate Inspiration for Your Purchase and a Complete Enrollment Journey!

Dynamic Filters

Harness the power of Dynamic Filters to take your online buying platform to new levels of flexibility and use. With this advanced tool, you have entire control over creating bespoke product categories and filter options, adapting them directly to your business needs. Because of the easy navigation afforded by these dynamic filters on your website, your users will have a seamless and enriched buying experience.

price-based search too

Our Latest classified ads script has a price-based search tool that allows customers to easily identify things within their price range. Users can use this feature to enter their preferred price range, allowing them to find relevant products that match their budget and tastes. This feature improves customer happiness by shortening the search process and allowing users to readily find products that meet their affordability requirements

location-based search tool

Our powerful classified software has a location-based search tool that allows users to look for products and sellers near their present location. Users can specify their location or allow the app to access their device’s location with this powerful functionality, allowing them to easily identify nearby products and vendors. This functionality improves the user experience by offering relevant and localized results, enabling frictionless transactions, and increasing buyer-seller confidence.

Welcome to our innovative SEO-Friendly Design!

Our painstakingly created PHP Classified ads script is the ideal way to improve your website’s search engine optimization, resulting in amazing results for your online platform. By implementing this strong feature, you can expect a considerable increase in visitors as well as a higher placement on the coveted search engine results page.

At the heart of our script is a solid SEO approach that has been rigorously created to attract search engine algorithms.

User Friendly URL

We recognize the value of a simple URL structure, and our revolutionary approach makes navigating our site a delight. Each URL includes category titles, making it simple to comprehend the content of the website you’re visiting.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing Images with alt tags is a critical step in improving your website’s efficiency and user experience. Alt tags provide descriptive text for photos, making them accessible to visually impaired users as well as search engine bots. By integrating appropriate alt tags, you not only increase your website’s accessibility but also contribute to higher SEO rankings.

Breadcrumb function

By adding the Breadcrumb function to your website, you may provide significant navigational assistance to your users, increasing their browsing experience and streamlining their journey on your platform. Breadcrumbs are a set of links that display the hierarchical structure of the sites visited, allowing users to easily return to previous levels.

Uploading a Robots.txt and an XML sitemap

Uploading a Robots.txt and an XML sitemap is critical for search engine bots to understand and navigate your website’s structure while crawling. Implementing these necessary files provides explicit instructions to the bots, directing them to index relevant pages while avoiding needless ones.


A well-structured XML sitemap provides useful insights into your pages’ indexing status, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your
site’s performance and overall search engine ranking.


Product views function

Our platform includes a comprehensive product views function that provides merchants with vital data into the success of their products. Sellers may measure individual and total views for each of their products, allowing them to gauge potential buyers’ interest and involvement. On a weekly and monthly basis, these perspectives are visually presented in easy graphs, providing merchants with a clear overview of their products’ popularity over time.

Product popularity

Based on user reach, our platform categorizes product popularity as high or
low. This useful feature enables merchants to measure product demand and reaction, allowing them to make educated decisions about future promotional actions. Products with a high popularity show great user interest and can be used as a strategic focus for sellers to increase sales. Products with low popularity, on the other hand, may encourage sellers to strategize and participate in targeted promotional activities to increase awareness and attract more buyers

Dynamic User Engagement

Our Advanced Classified Software has a dynamic User Engagement function that provides sellers with vital insights into the performance of their products. Sellers may simply track likes and comments on their product listings, offering a clear indication of consumer interest and involvement. Furthermore, our platform displays the number of users actively looking for product offers, providing vendors with a sense of demand and potential consumer base. Sellers can utilize this tool to make data-driven decisions, fine-tune their offerings, and communicate with users to build deeper relationships

Top Cities

Sellers obtain crucial information into their product reach across multiple cities with our powerful online Classified advertisements software. The platform displays the top five cities with the greatest traffic seeing their products, giving vendors a clear image of where their products are most popular and in demand. With this knowledge, sellers may make informed decisions to increase product visibility, increase sales, and develop a strong presence in cities with the highest product engagement.

Banner Ads


Our classified script’s versatility and customization features allow Admin to personalize banner adverts to specific target populations, increasing their efficacy and money generation potential. Admin may track the effectiveness of banner adverts using sophisticated analytics and reporting tools, enabling data-informed decisions to consistently improve ad placements and drive higher profitability.


Our classified script gives advertisers complete control over their advertising campaigns, allowing them to pick when and where their ads appear on the site. Advertisers may readily check the total amount to be spent for displaying their advertising via an accessible interface, ensuring transparency and allowing them to make smart budget decisions

Instant Chat

Chat Block

You now have the most effective chat block option with our Advanced classified ads script, enabling you to swiftly halt messages from particular persons. Control your communication and chats. Avoid distractions and remain focused on meaningful relationships. With the chat block option, take charge and establish a frictionless environment in your classified ads platform

Instant Live Chat

Buyers and sellers may engage directly and quickly with our classified script’s instant live chat feature, promoting a seamless and personalized buying experience. This real-time chat functionality encourages openness, creates confidence, and helps both parties to negotiate, clarify doubts, and make well-informed decisions, resulting in a smooth and successful transaction process

Chat Templates

Both buyers and sellers can easily expedite their interactions by using our pre-written text templates in the chat box. By choosing from a variety of preconfigured messages designed for typical objectives, you may save time and prevent misunderstandings.

Image and Location Share

Sellers can now attract shoppers by simply sharing eye-catching product photos in the chat box. Display your offerings vividly to make a lasting impression. Buyers, on the other hand, can provide vendors with their exact location, ensuring accuracy and ease. Location sharing facilitates transactions, whether for pickup arrangements or delivery coordination.


Urgent Promotions

Urgent Promotions will help you maximize your sales potential! Sellers can now list their products in high-traffic areas, enhancing visibility and the likelihood of speedy transactions. Your listings will be properly placed to capture the buyer’s attention, giving you an advantage in a competitive market.

Ad Promotions

With Ad Promotions, boost your product sales. You can captivate a larger audience quickly and easily. This smart strategy increases visibility, attracting more purchasers to your listings.

Our platform provides admins with the tools they need to run effective campaigns in a professional manner. Through efficient ad campaigns, you may bring your products to the forefront, capture shopper attention, and achieve significant sales increase.

Exchange & Giving Away

Exchange to Buy

The Exchange To Buy feature allows buyers to easily make product exchange requests. When a buyer wishes to exchange one item for another, they can easily initiate a request with the appropriate vendor. This professional feature speeds up the exchange procedure, promoting smooth interactions between buyers and sellers.

Giving Away

With the No-Cost Listings, sellers can now post products without mentioning a price, thereby offering free items. This professional addition caters to a variety of selling preferences, improving user experience and diversifying your market.

User Verifications


We prioritize security and authenticity in our online classified advertisements software by creating a rigorous verification process for new users. This professional technique not only speeds up the verification process but also lends legitimacy to user accounts.


User authenticity is prioritized in our sophisticated classification software. We’ve included a stringent mobile OTP verification step for new users to ensure a safe and genuine community. This professional approach boosts the credibility of user profiles, encouraging a secure online environment.


In order to strengthen platform security, we offer new users the option of verification via confirmation emails. This expert technique ensures a secure environment that is resistant to the threat of bogus user registrations.We strengthen the legitimacy of user profiles by requiring email confirmation, laying the groundwork for meaningful interactions.

Trusted Seller

To discover and emphasize reliable merchants, our platform offers a variety of effective verification methods. This professional method ensures that buyers may deal with merchants that have through tough verification processes with confidence. Buyers may make informed judgments because they know they are dealing with trustworthy sellers.

Social Activities

Follow and Following

We offer a personalized experience by providing the ‘follow’ capability, which allows customers to keep updated and connected with their chosen merchants. With our novel follow and following tool, you can increase customer satisfaction and streamline the purchasing process while also making the platform a hub of seamless interactions

Invite Friends

This professional strategy utilizes the power of social networking, using existing ties to drive real growth. Increase platform traffic and importance by orchestrating this dynamic action. Increase user engagement and achieve new heights by actively sharing your platform’s possibilities via well-crafted Join/Invite links.

Social Login

This professional feature streamlines the user experience by allowing users to easily access their accounts. Furthermore, through likes and comments, users can actively engage with products, promoting dynamic relationships within the platform. This interactive method increases consumer interaction and improves the entire browsing and purchase experience.

Product Share

This simplified sharing mechanism allows for a greater reach, ensuring that your products attract the attention of a larger audience. Improve your product promotion approach by using our platform’s simple social media sharing feature. Make a long-lasting impression by utilizing the power of digital networks to increase the reach and visibility of your product.

Currency Management


Our platform provides administrators with unrivaled flexibility over the installation and removal of a wide range of supported currencies. This professional tool allows administrators to meticulously customize the financial environment to their exact needs

Multiple Currency

This professional feature allows users to interact in their preferred currency, expediting the payment procedure. Administrators can also set a default currency based on their personal preferences. This strategic approach improves the user experience by delivering a smooth and quick payment journey for a wide range of users


Our platform provides administrators with advanced currency management tools that are completely integrated into our payment gateway system. This professional function provides exact control, allowing administrators to easily manage the platform’s supported currencies. With our advanced currency management feature, you may improve the financial operations of your platform.

Make Accept & Deny Offer

Make Offer

We create an eye-catching feature in our cutting-edge online classified advertisements software that allows customers to easily seek product offers from platform vendors. This professional feature encourages dynamic involvement and streamlines communication between buyers and sellers. Sellers receive timely alerts for each request submitted, which improves user experiences. This streamlined approach guarantees that buyer requirements are addressed quickly and efficiently

Accept & Deny

Our software enables vendors to easily manage incoming product offer requests, demonstrating operational efficiency. Sellers can quickly accept or reject buyer bids with a single click. This professional tool streamlines the offer-handling process, allowing for seamless and timely responses. This simplified method improves user experiences by speeding up communication and decision-making.

Product Details


Our platform has a revolutionary function that automatically watermarks product photographs upon seller upload. This professional capacity strengthens the branding of your product, increasing recognition and authenticity. Any illicit usage of watermarked photos acts as a powerful promotional tool, increasing the visibility of your business.

Likes & Comments

This dynamic feature enhances product credibility, serving as a testament to quality. Additionally, these interactions become valuable resources for other potential buyers during their purchasing journey. It facilitates seamless interactions that contribute to the overall credibility and success of your products..

Youtube Video

Sellers can seamlessly add product videos via YouTube links, piquing user interest with visually appealing materials. This professional tool takes advantage of video’s undeniable charm, effectively engaging and capturing your viewers. You can create a visually appealing atmosphere that entices users and increases product visibility, paving the way for more success..



Our platform contains a dynamic push notification capability, leveraging the power of technology. This feature improves user engagement and response by enabling real-time conversation. This advanced push notification method will improve the connectivity of your platform.


Our auto-generated notifications provide incomparable convenience. Sellers and buyers receive immediate notifications for all site and product-related activity. This expert feature guarantees real-time updates, keeping consumers informed and engaged. Using our powerful auto-notification system, you can improve user happiness and expedite interactions.

Web Application

Attractive Design

Curated with a visually appealing design, with the goal of improving the platform’s user experience. This professional design option captivates users while also facilitating easy navigation. Additionally, customization options are available to match the design to unique business needs


The program makes use of a complex, multi-layered security infrastructure that has been painstakingly constructed to provide extensive protection against malicious assaults. This strong security structure ensures that the program is immune to potential threats, preserving its integrity and protecting user data.


Our classifieds scripts PHP application provides unrivaled speed and performance. Our dedication to quality is demonstrated by the use of cutting-edge technology and remarkable functionality that ensure ideal user experiences.

As a result, the platform runs smoothly, with quick navigation and efficient interactions. Improve user happiness with our innovative method, which establishes a new standard for performance in the classifieds business. Accept a professional application that provides a unique user experience, powered by breakthrough technologies and exceptional functionality.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our PHP classifieds script features a responsive design architecture that has been painstakingly built to provide flawless accessibility and operation across a wide range of devices and screen dimensions. This dedication to responsive design ensures an ideal user experience, allowing customers to interact with our script with ease whether they are using desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This versatility guarantees that customers, regardless of device, can navigate and interact with our classifieds script intuitively, demonstrating our commitment to creating a professional, user-centric solution that thrives in today’s changing digital world.



Our platform incorporates a visually beautiful dashboard within the Admin panel to improve administrative monitoring. This advanced dashboard provides the app’s administrator with a complete view, allowing for real-time monitoring and smooth management of the entire platform’s activities. The administrator can easily access critical analytics, deep insights, and key functionalities via this user-friendly interface.


In accordance with the stringent site requirements, our platform enables the Administrator to designate Sub-Admins and delineate specific tasks appropriate to their competencies within the system. This dynamic feature enhances the platform’s functioning by allowing the Administrator to delegate certain responsibilities to Sub-Admins based on their expertise. This wise role distribution ensures a streamlined administrative framework in which each Sub-Admin acts within their allotted sphere of influence.

Module Management

Within this platform, the Administrator has complete control over several modules, including exchange-to-buy, giving away, and other critical promotion-related modules. This complex structure enables the Administrator to seamlessly coordinate these components, assuring the platform’s smooth operation and alignment with strategic goals. The Administrator’s responsibilities include curating and fine-tuning the exchange-to-buy mechanism, which allows for the seamless transfer of goods or services.


Cloneifypro uses carefully crafted meta titles, tags, and descriptions to deliberately increase its visibility in search engine rankings. This careful optimization technique acts as a catalyst for reaching the highest level of visibility and significance. Our technology guarantees that each meta title captures the spirit of the content, each tag resonates with relevant keywords, and each description delivers a concise overview by adhering to industry best practices. This carefully managed synergy of content and metadata improves the platform’s discoverability, propelling it up the search engine rankings.



Cloneifypro stands out for its varied support for many languages, allowing users to proactively engage with the worldwide market or target specific countries to facilitate product sales or purchases. This comprehensive linguistic integration overcomes language barriers, allowing users to navigate, interact, and transact in their preferred language with ease. Cloneifypro overcomes geographical boundaries by providing a multilingual interface, enabling an inclusive and user-centric platform that resonates on a worldwide scale.


Cloneifypro script’s dynamic website and mobile applications are built with the ability to seamlessly translate into a wide range of chosen languages. This sophisticated feature enables the seamless changing of not just the interface but also the entire content to accommodate various language preferences. Users can interact with the platform in their preferred language by exploiting this adaptive language translation system, offering an intuitive and engaging experience


If there is a wish to modify or expand any existing functionality within the product, or if fresh thoughts for integration are needed, our platform gladly accepts such requests. We extend an invitation to work with our knowledgeable staff to make customized adaptations a reality. Our skilled personnel are ready to provide thorough assistance, ensuring that your specific needs are satisfied precisely. This collaborative approach reflects our dedication to a dynamic and client-focused culture.

Offerup clone online marketplace business revenue factor

In order to prosper, businesses must prioritize the skill of ‘Revenue Generation

Seller Commission

The Administrator has the authority within our advanced classifieds script to create a flexible commission system adapted to sellers and their particular product categories. This hierarchical technique allows for accurate revenue allocation. The Administrator earns money for each transaction completed on the platform, demonstrating the business's lucrative potential. This commission structure is effortlessly connected with buy-now addons, which increases its effectiveness. This methodical approach illustrates our dedication to providing administrators with extensive monetization options.


The Administrator has the strategic advantage of increasing revenue within our platform through targeted Ad promotions and Urgent promotions. They can maximize earning potential while improving product visibility for merchants by allocating expenditures for Ad promotions. Furthermore, by enabling Urgent promotions, merchants seeking quick sales can opt for increased visibility, adding to a dynamic marketplace. This prudent use of Ad and Urgent advertising illustrates our commitment to provide broad revenue possibilities

Google Adsense

The Administrator obtains the potential for increased profitability by introducing an additional revenue component to our classifieds software script, which is accessible as a unique Add-on. The Administrator can coordinate targeted ad placements on the site by smoothly integrating Google Adsense functionality. As user involvement grows, so does the possibility for money creation. The Administrator can profit from the increased ad impressions by carefully using our platform's reach. This creative business model demonstrates our dedication to providing administrators with many revenue streams.

Banner Ads

Our platform supports monetization through banner adverts, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive profit techniques and providing the Administrator with a varied revenue source. The Administrator has complete control over this channel and manages it flawlessly. They have the authority to approve or deny requests to display adverts, ensuring compliance with platform rules. Furthermore, the Administrator is meticulous in ad management, establishing the number of displayed banner advertising, providing intricate specifications, and determining the required charge for ad placements.

Offerup Clone Script Web & Android/IOS App Demo

Our demos serve two purposes: they develop a sense of ownership while also revealing prospects’ broader views. These immersive experiences, which go beyond presentations, relate our solutions to their specific context, allowing people to imagine a future in which their needs and aspirations combine effortlessly.



Feel it for yourself:

Investigate Cloneifypro as a user. Discover the ease of use and visual appeal that enhance interactions and streamline operations. Dive into the demo to learn about its smooth operation and intriguing features.


Immerse in Admin Power:

Take on the position of Admin within the app. Get a complete picture of your company’s daily activities, including revenue, sales, top-selling goods, vendor performance, and more. Explore the demo to learn about the features designed for Admin empowerment.

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Craft your Pricing Model – explore different pricing approaches

Create a price form that fits your budget and works well for your company. Never ever pay more!!!


FAQ & Update History:

Curiosity thrives with purpose; questioning leads us to optimal solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the latest version and framework used in Cloneifypro?

Cloneifypro’s most recent version is v4.3, which is powered by the Yii framework.

What is the payment gateway integrated in Cloneifypro?

The default configuration includes Stripe, which manages ‘BuyNow’ transactions and facilitates promotion payouts across both online and app platforms.

Is it possible to integrate other payment gateway?

Yes… can easily integrate other payment gateway.

What is ‘Instant Chatting?

You can engage sellers instantly via our chat feature. Powered by Node.js, it offers real-time conversations, image sharing, and location sharing for seamless interactions.

Elaborate on ‘Single Domain Licensing

Cloneifypro uses a single domain licensing model, with a license customized to your specific domain name. This prevents unauthorized code usage across domains, assuring security and compliance.

Does your script offer multilingual support?

Yeah….our script offers multilingual support.

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience

From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability

From PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.4 version

From Nodejs 8.x LTS to Nodejs 12.x LTS version

Ioncube loader version 10 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.

SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers