Grofers Clone Mobile App/Script Development Solutions

Grofers Clone Script/Grofers Delivery Mobile Application

Make your grocery store a virtual supermarket by using the Grofers clone app. Improve the user experience for customers on web and app platforms by adding features that are easy to use. Our committed staff guarantees a flawless shopping experience, transforming your company into the grocery industry’s next great unicorn. Adopt cutting-edge technology to increase sales.

What is a Grofers Clone

A Grofers clone is an exact duplicate of the well-known Grofers app that includes every feature to provide a comparable user interface. Tailored to meet particular business requirements, the clone is a quick and efficient way to get into the on-demand market and attract customers looking for Grofers-like services.

 What is a Grofers Clone Script

A pre-made software solution created to mimic the features of the original Grofers website and application is called a Grofers clone script. With the help of this script, business owners can quickly and affordably launch their own on-demand grocery delivery service. Business owners can take advantage of tried-and-true features, an intuitive user interface, and a solid business model by utilizing the Grofers clone script. By doing this, the development process is sped up and the difficulties involved in creating a platform from scratch are decreased.


Picker App

The goal of the Picker App is to completely transform the grocery shopping experience by giving customers access to a platform akin to Instacart that easily pairs customers with dependable pickers. The app provides customers with an easy-to-use interface for ordering, adjusting preferences, and tracking deliveries in real time. In the meantime, pickers are armed with tools for interacting with buyers, quick alerts for available orders, easy-to-use store navigation, and expedited payment processing. This cutting-edge app makes grocery shopping easy and transparent for both pickers and consumers, resulting in a productive and pleasurable experience.

Driver Shift Management

Our system makes sure that drivers are strategically assigned deliveries based on demand in real time, location, and order volume. Improved route planning, quicker delivery times, and higher customer satisfaction are the results of this optimization. Businesses can attain cost-effectiveness and operational excellence by optimizing the number of deliveries per driver, which will make the delivery process as a whole more flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the market. With our solution, you can embrace efficiency, reduce expenses, and improve your delivery capabilities.

Store Dispatcher

With the help of our platform, retailers can easily track the progress of their deliveries and effectively handle their orders thanks to a comprehensive system. From the time a delivery is sent to its destination, store owners can effortlessly track its progress in real time. Additionally, our system easily integrates with a variety of sales channels, enabling retailers to make fresh deliveries for orders that come in from various platforms. This simplified method guarantees that retailers have a single point of control over all delivery-related activities, encouraging openness and improving overall business effectiveness.

Progressive Web Application

Our solution is made to work flawlessly on a range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. Consistency and accessibility are provided through the interface’s complete integration with the mobile app. Users can take advantage of a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of how they choose to access the platform—from their mobile device while on the go, their desktop computer at work, or both. In order to provide a seamless and interesting user experience across various devices, this integration improves accessibility and usability to accommodate the wide range of user preferences.

Route Optimization

By giving drivers the capacity to manage several deliveries at once, the Grofers clone places a strong emphasis on cost reduction. Drivers are able to optimize the number of orders they fulfill in a single trip and streamline their deliveries thanks to this strategic approach that guarantees effective route planning and order bundling. The platform lowers delivery costs, improves operational efficiency, and adds to a more cost-effective and sustainable delivery ecosystem by streamlining orders and optimizing delivery routes.


With our state-of-the-art turnkey Last Mile Delivery solution, which is intended to make online grocery shopping simpler, you can boost your grocery business. Maintain constant, seamless communication with your clients and encourage more interaction by making tailored product recommendations and alluring promotional offers. Discover a vast assortment of items, effortlessly monitor previous and ongoing orders, and take advantage of an intuitive interface that guarantees a seamless and trouble-free grocery delivery experience. Our Grofers clone app is designed to improve your grocery delivery service’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Interactive Home Page

By providing consumers with a carefully selected list of stores based on their location and product searches, our Grofers clone guarantees a user-friendly experience. Not only can users quickly determine which stores are “open” and “recommended,” but they can also make a customized list of their “favorite stores” for easy access. Stores that meet the highest safety standards are rewarded with special badges, prioritizing safety and empowering customers to make informed decisions while enjoying a convenient and safe shopping experience.

View Ongoing Offers

Users get a flawless shopping experience with strong search capabilities in our Grofers clone. Customers can look for a variety of goods or particular retailers, and our sophisticated search engine will show them products that match and the availability of those goods in those stores right away. In an effort to improve user convenience, the system ensures that customers can easily find suitable alternatives in the event that the selected item is out of stock by offering substitute product options.

Lightning Fast Search

With the help of ElasticSearch, our Grofers clone ensures blazing-fast search and filtering across a sizable product catalog. This technology helps to shorten the sales cycle, which makes the entire shopping process more efficient and pleasurable for users. It also improves the user experience by delivering results quickly.

Advanced Filters

Users can enjoy a smooth shopping experience with numerous filtering options in the Grofers clone script. To guarantee that all product searches are efficiently sorted, preferences like ratings, reviews, availability, and price are taken into consideration. With the help of this feature, users can customize their search results based on particular criteria, making their shopping experience convenient and personalized.

Elaborate Product Description

Using ElasticSearch, the Grofers clone script leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a lightning-fast search and effective filtering process across a large product catalog. A flawless user experience is guaranteed by this integration, which also greatly shortens the sales cycle and optimizes the entire shopping experience. Users can benefit from rapid and accurate searches with this technology-driven approach, which improves the effectiveness of the platform's entire shopping process.

Product Availability Notification

Users can apply different filtering options in the Grofers clone script based on their preferences. In order to provide a user-friendly experience, the platform sorts product searches according to a number of criteria, including availability, price, ratings, and reviews. Users can easily locate products that meet their unique needs and preferences by customizing their search criteria with the help of this extensive set of filters. The focus on sorting according to several criteria improves the general ease and effectiveness of the purchasing process.

Multi-vendor Cart

We put the user experience first in our Grofers clone script by allowing users to shop and place orders from multiple stores at the same time. As they browse through various stores, users have the freedom to add or remove items. To help users make wise decisions, the platform also shows the total savings on each purchase in an easy-to-read manner. Users can arrange for a preferred time for their orders to be delivered, which guarantees a customized and effective shopping experience. This convenience even extends to the delivery process.

Checkout Payment

Our online grocery delivery app software puts the convenience of our users first by providing a variety of payment methods, such as app wallet payments, cash on delivery (COD), and credit/debit cards. Users can select the payment option that best fits their needs after verifying the order and delivery address. To guarantee a flawless shopping experience, customers can simply manage their orders by either canceling the order or changing the delivery address in the event that the chosen store does not deliver to a particular area or zone.

Real-time Tracking

With real-time tracking offered by our online grocery delivery app, customers can be updated at every step of the ordering process. Users are able to follow the order's progress in real-time from the time it is picked until it is delivered. The picker or delivery agent can promptly inform users if a product is unavailable. In response, customers are given the option to select a different product or decide not to purchase the unavailable item, guaranteeing an open and effective shopping process.

Order History

Our grocery shopping software shows users' past and current orders and gives them a complete order history. Orders can be readily navigated and filtered by users according to different criteria, like years or months. On the Grofers clone app, the system provides a comprehensive and well-organized view of the user's purchase history by tracking orders from various stores independently.


Our grocery delivery service’s store app is made to be as flexible as possible and can be set up according to a number of different criteria. With our Grofers clone script, you can make a great app that fits your company’s objectives. Examine the store flowchart to comprehend the features and smooth operation of our grocery delivery service.

Home Page

Supermarket managers and product sellers can efficiently handle and ship orders to customers with the help of the supermarket software. A list of tabs on the home page display different order statuses, including new orders, orders that are ready for pickup, checkout, and delivery. Store owners will be able to effortlessly monitor and manage the various phases of the order fulfillment process thanks to this well-organized display.

View All Details

The grocery delivery software instantly notifies the store owner when a new order is placed. These notifications include all the pertinent information, such as the customer's details, the order's contents, the selected payment method, and more. The store owners can stay informed and respond quickly to efficiently fulfill incoming orders thanks to this real-time alert system.

Picker Assignment

The store owner may designate a picker or choose to pick up the items themselves after the order is accepted. With multiple tabs, the grocery ordering and delivery app provides real-time updates and a detailed display of the order picking process. This feature makes sure that the order fulfillment process is handled quickly and effectively, enabling store owners to easily monitor and manage each step of the process.

Order Picking Stages

'Not Picked' for pending items, 'Picked' for products scanned for auto pick or manually force-picked, 'In Review' for items requiring confirmation, and 'Removed' for products removed from the cart are just a few of the stages that the grocery delivery app offers in its comprehensive order fulfillment update. This comprehensive tracking system improves the management of grocery deliveries overall by guaranteeing efficiency and transparency throughout the order preparation process.

Suggestion of Substitute Products

Retailers have the ability to alert customers in advance about products that are unavailable or out of stock and suggest alternatives. The chosen alternatives will be added to the order after the customer approves them, guaranteeing a flawless shopping experience. This feature improves customer satisfaction and order fulfillment by facilitating effective communication between store owners and customers.

Updates- Order Picking

The customer is promptly notified when an order is ready for pickup. Either automatically assigning orders or manually assigning a driver (for stores with dedicated drivers) allows the store owner to effectively oversee the dispatch process. This adaptability guarantees prompt and precise delivery, which adds to the seamless and dependable grocery shopping experience on the Grofers clone.

Bag Label Printing

When the customer checks out, the cashier scans each item to create a receipt, which is then uploaded to the app. The picker then verifies how many bags there are and prints labels for each bag that are connected to the order. The driver scans these labels during delivery to guarantee precise and well-organized drop-offs. On the Grofers clone, this painstaking procedure improves accuracy and efficiency in order management from checkout to delivery.

Order Delivery Updates

Upon completing the shopping process, the store or freelance driver updates the customer about the estimated time of delivery, enhancing the overall grocery ordering and delivery experience on the Grofers clone script. This real-time communication adds transparency and convenience for customers, ensuring a positive and efficient shopping journey.


Facilitate the efficient connection between drivers and pickup delivery staff, who are able to pick up and deliver goods from different stores, and customers. Drivers can map destinations for the best possible route planning and easily manage their list of assigned deliveries. Create a Grofers clone specifically for the Middle Eastern market. Examine the driver app flow chart for a thorough comprehension.

Assigned Order

While freelance drivers will receive app notifications that they can accept or reject based on their availability, store drivers will be directly assigned tasks. Using the Grofers clone app, drivers can control their status and indicate whether they are available or unavailable based on their preferences.


Drivers can deliver grocery orders to multiple addresses, which allows them to update customers and store owners/managers at the same time. Via the Grofers clone app, real-time updates guarantee smooth communication between drivers, store owners, and customers.

Pick-up Proof

Each bag has a unique barcode that the driver must scan to verify pickup. This procedure helps to confirm that the driver has picked up the right order and guarantees accuracy. Make your own Grofers clone with this cutting-edge feature.

Delivery Process

After being given a job, the driver can visit different stores to pick up items, serving a range of clients. The driver can send customers direct updates in real time during the delivery process, improving communication and guaranteeing a flawless experience. Use these effective and user-focused features to create a Grofers clone.

Delivery Proof

Across a vast product catalog, our multi-store grocery shopping software offers blazing-fast search and filtering capabilities by utilizing ElasticSearch's power. This helps to shorten the entire sales cycle in addition to guaranteeing a smooth and effective user experience. Your grocery shopping platform is equipped with this cutting-edge technology to give users fast and precise results, increasing user satisfaction and engagement.

Reattempt Delivery

Users of our multi-store grocery shopping software benefit from the freedom of several filtering options to customize their search according to personal preferences. With the help of this advanced feature, users can categorize and focus their product search results based on a number of factors, including availability, cost, ratings, and reviews. Your grocery platform makes sure users can quickly locate the products they need by offering a personalized and effective search experience, which eventually raises customer satisfaction and engagement.


Examine grocery items and current promotions from different retailers. Use product filters to combine things from different stores into a single checkout cart. With live tracking and multiple scheduling and payment options. Create your own Grofers clone.


Our Grofers clone app’s admin panel offers a thorough summary of all active grocery pickup and delivery jobs. Administrators can effortlessly keep an eye on the availability and status of grocery delivery drivers, stay informed about the status of deliveries in real time, and effectively oversee the entire process. Administrators can optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and guarantee a flawless grocery delivery experience for users with this centralized view.


Our Grocer delivery software’s super admin dashboard is an effective tool that collects data from the whole platform. It uses eye-catching graphs, tables, and charts to display a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Essential metrics are simple for administrators to interpret and analyze, and date range filtering of the visualizations is a convenient feature. This feature gives administrators the ability to monitor performance trends, make well-informed decisions, and guarantee the seamless operation of the entire grocery delivery platform. Managing and streamlining your business operations becomes easier and more efficient with this all-inclusive dashboard.


Our food delivery software has a central dispatcher on the backend that can be accessed online. This dispatcher provides a real-time summary of all active restaurants and orders. Order distribution can be effectively managed by central dispatchers by selecting whether to assign orders to delivery agents automatically or manually. The implementation of centralized control improves delivery coordination and guarantees a smooth and well-organized workflow throughout the food delivery platform. It gives dispatchers the ability to distribute workloads more evenly, optimize delivery routes, and serve customers and restaurants with efficiency.


With a host of cutting-edge features, our grocery delivery software is made to enable you to efficiently manage and support your stores. By adding unique technology elements, you and your franchisees can succeed more, and your grocery business will function better overall. Our software prioritizes user-friendliness and robust features to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize operations, and propel the expansion of your grocery delivery business.