Bigbasket Clone Script For Grocery Delivery


With our state-of-the-art BigBasket Clone Software, you can start your own multi-store grocery shopping and delivery app that is comparable to BigBasket. Grocer, our BigBasket clone app, is painstakingly designed to provide customers with a remarkable shopping experience. 

Its features include the ability to schedule deliveries, set pickup locations or times, track orders in real time, have a smooth checkout process, have an in-app wallet, and much more. Utilizing our robust and adaptable BigBasket Clone Script, you can take your company to new heights!


With a wide range of over 18,000 products and over 1000 brands, BigBasket is the leading online grocery and food store in India. BigBasket provides a wide range of products, including meats, packaged goods, beverages, fresh produce, rice, and deals, as well as a variety of spices. The website has completely changed the way people shop for groceries by removing the hassle and providing a simple, stress-free way to browse and buy necessities.



The creation of BigBasket clone apps closely resembles the main characteristics of the well-known BigBasket platform and provides an on-demand option for online grocery shopping and delivery. For companies in the online grocery and food industries, this software offers a great solution. Businesses can adapt the BigBasket clone app to meet their unique needs and specifications thanks to its customizable interface.



The online grocery delivery app’s source code is derived from the BigBasket clone script, which offers an organized and productive codebase. Because of this script’s great degree of customization, companies can add extensions and add-ons to suit their unique needs. The scalability and flexibility of the code provide a solid basis for developing and growing an online grocery delivery service.


Our grocery delivery app clone script combines the best features from popular apps like HappyFresh and BigBasket to create the ideal software solution with an intuitive user interface.

Interactive Home Page

Explore the wide range of products available on our platform, which are sourced from multiple retailers. Explore an extensive array of choices, from produce that is fresh to necessities for the pantry, all conveniently located on one platform. Our platform guarantees that you have access to a wide range of options that satisfy all of your needs and preferences by allowing you to select from a variety of stores. Savor the ease of shopping at a single location where accessibility and variety come together to create a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Ongoing Offers- Take a Look

With the help of our grocery store management software, effortlessly remain informed about the most recent discounts available. Get access to an extensive list of current promotions and discounts from different retailers, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and optimize your savings. Our platform keeps you informed about sales on fresh produce, pantry staples, and other necessities, ensuring a wise and economical shopping experience. Discover a world of deals and maximize your shopping experience with up-to-date information on alluring deals from various retailers.

Advanced Search Option

With the robust search functionality of our grocery store management software, enjoy the convenience of instant results. Get fast, precise results when you search for particular products, groceries, or favorite stores. Our sophisticated search algorithm makes sure you find what you’re looking for fast, making your shopping experience easy and effective. Our platform makes the process of searching for products easier, saving you time and improving your overall shopping experience, whether you’re looking for a specific item or browsing different stores. With our instant search feature, you can enjoy the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.

Advanced Filtering Option

With extensive filtering choices for both broad and store-specific searches, our on-demand grocery app and website will improve your shopping experience. With the help of our platform, users can focus their searches by adjusting different criteria like product ratings, availability, prices, and more. Our sophisticated filtering system guarantees accuracy and efficiency whether you’re searching for particular products within a selected store or searching for specific items across multiple stores. 

View Product Details

Explore our on-demand grocery app and website to become fully engrossed in an intricate shopping experience. See in-depth product descriptions for every grocery item, along with eye-catching images and insightful user feedback. Before choosing a product, learn about its qualities, features, and advantages. Our platform places a high value on openness and user assistance so that you can make wise decisions about the things you buy. You can also personalize your order by choosing the quantity or number of units you want for each item, so that your grocery list is exactly what you need and want.

Grocery Pickup or Delivery Option

Customers can choose between the convenience of having a dedicated delivery agent deliver their groceries right to their doorstep or picking them up in person from the respective stores. Users can customize their shopping experience to fit their schedules and preferences thanks to this flexible approach. Our platform accommodates your specific needs, whether you prefer the convenience of having groceries delivered right to your door or the immediacy of picking them up yourself. With our user-friendly app and website, you can embrace a seamless and personalized grocery shopping experience and the freedom to shop on your terms.

Scheduling & Payment

Empowering users with convenience and control, our on-demand grocery app and website offer a range of features for a personalized shopping experience. Users can schedule their deliveries according to their preferred time slots, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to their routines. Additionally, the platform incorporates a seamless payment experience with the option to add promo codes for discounts. The integration of an in-app wallet, named ‘Grocer,’ further enhances the payment process, providing users with a quick and hassle-free transaction option.

In-app Wallet

Our BigBasket clone software streamlines the payment process and includes an in-app wallet for quick and easy booking transactions. Customers can use the platform to make purchases with ease thanks to this seamless payment solution. An additional degree of convenience is provided by the in-app wallet, which enables users to manage their money effectively and guarantees a safe and easy payment process. Accept the ease of use of transactions with our in-app wallet feature, which improves the BigBasket clone platform’s overall user experience.

Live Grocery Order Tracking

Our grocery shopping software enhances the user experience by incorporating a real-time order tracking module into the grocery app and website. With the help of this feature, customers can keep track of the progress of their orders and receive real-time updates on the location of their groceries. The delivery process is made more transparent by the live-map view tracking, which synchronizes with the real-time grocery status user interface. Customers can monitor the status of their orders, guaranteeing a seamless and dependable online shopping experience.

Active & Past Orders

With the help of our grocery shopping software, users can schedule deliveries, apply promo codes for discounts, and select their preferred payment methods, giving them flexibility and convenience. An integrated in-app ‘Grocer’ wallet facilitates smooth transactions and offers users a safe and effective method of making payments within the platform. This feature makes transactions easier and provides a range of options, which improves the user experience overall.

Real-time Job Status & Support

Easily stay on top of your ongoing reservations with our grocery shopping software, which provides real-time status updates. Get timely information about your orders by receiving in-app notifications for every status update. In order to provide a seamless and prompt customer support experience, our platform also makes it simple to raise support tickets. With the help of an easy-to-use support system and intuitive notifications, stay involved and informed about the status of your orders.

Live-Map Tracking

Give customers the ability to monitor their orders in real time and give them control over the delivery process. By giving customers the option to phone the designated delivery agent for more information about their order or the route, our grocery shopping software guarantees a flawless experience. Transparency and communication throughout the delivery process will increase user satisfaction. Our platform gives users shopping for groceries online convenience and peace of mind with features like real-time tracking and direct communication with delivery agents.


Include a rating system for every grocery order to allow users to offer insightful feedback. User experience is our top priority when it comes to our grocery delivery service, and your feedback is essential to our continuous improvement. Users can indicate areas for improvement or express satisfaction by rating their grocery orders. By fostering a customer-centric approach through two-way communication, we are able to continuously strive for excellence and meet the changing needs of our users.

Profile Side-bar

Our BigBasket clone app places a strong emphasis on personalization by providing users with an extensive profile section that makes account management simple. Users can easily manage addresses, update account information, and receive updates on sales and discounts on products they have saved in their wish lists in this dedicated profile area. Our BigBasket clone’s customizable features let users curate their preferences and streamline their grocery shopping experience, ensuring a personalized and easy-to-use experience for them.


Our BigBasket clone app adds a referral program to further increase user engagement. In order to access special referral offers for both the current user and the people they have referred to, users can create and distribute referral codes to their friends and family. Through word-of-mouth advertising, this feature not only improves user interaction but also helps the platform grow. Referral codes are a novel way for our BigBasket clone to incentivize users to act as brand ambassadors, resulting in a positive network effect for all parties.


Super Admin Panel

Our BigBasket clone's Super Admin Panel functions as the main command center for supervising and controlling every facet of the grocery delivery service. With the comprehensive control offered by this strong administrative dashboard, central administrators can effectively handle a variety of elements, such as user accounts, store operations, and overall system performance. Administrators are able to oversee and control every single store from this centralized interface, which guarantees smooth collaboration and compliance with operating guidelines.

Store Inventory Management

The BigBasket clone admin and store owners can effectively handle store-specific inventory and SKU details, allowing for meticulous management and seamless grocery inventory control. This feature makes it easier to precisely monitor and replenish stock, giving administrators and store owners the ability to keep their inventory levels at ideal levels. They can effectively plan and manage grocery stock to meet customer demands by having comprehensive insights into SKU details.

Track Orders

By seamlessly merging data from the website and app, this centralized tracking system offers a unified view of all grocery shopping and delivery orders. It improves efficiency and guarantees a consistent experience for both administrators and users on the bigbasket clone platform by streamlining order management.

Fleet Management

Organize and manage several grocery delivery drivers and their corresponding drivers in an efficient manner using extensive ‘Fleet Management’ features.

Fare Set-up

Because of the adaptability of our clone script, businesses can select fixed pricing based on zones or distance or mileage-based pricing, giving them a customized delivery fare calculation solution. This characteristic guarantees flexibility in response to various business models and operational preferences in the grocery delivery industry.

Referrals & Promotions

With the help of our clone script, you can easily set up and manage referral campaigns and promotional codes on the grocery app and website. With the help of this feature, companies can run successful marketing campaigns, draw in new clients, and cultivate client loyalty by offering alluring discounts and incentives for referrals.

Bird’s View

Businesses can effectively track grocery drivers in real-time on a map with our clone script, giving them a complete picture of their locations across cities. With the help of this real-time tracking feature, businesses can monitor driver productivity, optimize delivery routes, and guarantee precise and timely grocery deliveries to their customers.


Our all-inclusive clone script comes with a full financial accounting system that lets companies keep a close eye on driver and grocery store earnings. This strong system guarantees accurate and transparent financial management, assisting companies in effectively tracking their revenue streams, controlling costs, and keeping accurate financial records.


A strong push notification feature in our BigBasket clone app allows for smooth communication between the admin, grocery store owners, drivers, and customers. Admins can guarantee efficient communication and real-time updates by directly sending timely and targeted push messages to particular user groups. This feature improves participation, informs all parties involved, and boosts the ecosystem's overall effectiveness for grocery delivery on the BigBasket clone app.


To ensure effective communication and real-time updates, our BigBasket clone app gives the admin the ability to send push messages directly to grocery store owners, drivers, and customers. This feature improves participation and informs all parties involved, which helps the BigBasket clone app's grocery delivery ecosystem run smoothly. Using timely and targeted push notifications, administrators can promote efficient communication throughout the platform by disseminating promotions, updates, and important information.


Organize dispatchers for different zones or cities with our BigBasket clone app. The administrator possesses the ability to designate and manage dispatchers who are in charge of organizing and maximizing supermarket deliveries within designated regions. This guarantees streamlined processes, effective order distribution, and on-time deliveries catered to the particular needs of every location.

Store Management

Use our BigBasket clone app to set up and manage individual stores quickly and effectively. The admin interface makes it easy to configure and manage the specifics of each store, guaranteeing that their products, inventory, and marketing initiatives are accurately represented. With the help of this feature, individual businesses can showcase their products, update information, and maximize their presence on the larger grocery delivery platform. Personalized store management is made possible.

SEO Management

Our BigBasket clone app is engineered to be both SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive, which guarantees peak performance on a range of devices and increases its exposure in search engine rankings. Its search engine optimization is enhanced by the addition of a sitemap and slug generation, which expedites the indexing process and facilitates search engines' comprehension of the platform's structure and content.

Commission Setup

Use our BigBasket clone app to easily manage app commission rates for various merchants. With the admin panel's intuitive interface, you can adjust commission percentages in accordance with specific merchant agreements. Because of this flexibility, you can create customized and equitable commission structures and build strong bonds with a wide range of platform merchants.

Menu Management

Create unique menus for various grocery franchises and stores with ease, or import pre-existing menus into your platform with ease. Using our BigBasket clone app, administrators can effectively manage and personalize menus according to each grocery partner's distinct offerings. The platform offers a versatile solution, whether it is customizing menus to correspond with particular store preferences or integrating varied product lists from multiple franchises. The overall user experience on your app is improved by this feature, which guarantees a dynamic and varied selection of grocery items.

Order Analytics

With the help of thorough analytics reports, you can learn a great deal about the performance of specific products, stores, or your entire grocery delivery business. Administrators can monitor and evaluate important metrics with the help of our BigBasket clone app's comprehensive analytics features. Track the demand for and sales patterns of particular products, evaluate the effectiveness of various retailers, and gauge the overall success of your grocery delivery service.

Reports & Reviews

Build a strong rating and review system into your BigBasket clone app to entice users to share their experiences. By using this feature, consumers can voice their opinions about the grocery stores and delivery service, helping to uphold the high standards of customer care. Users have the ability to rate their overall experience, leave comments on particular features, and share insights that can be very helpful to the platform administrators and other users.

Payment Gateway

With our BigBasket clone app, you can easily handle transactions because it's integrated with top payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, Hyperpay, and others. Users can select the payment option that best fits their needs, and a wide variety of options are available to ensure a simple and safe checkout process. Regardless of the payment method that customers choose—credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other—our integrated payment gateways offer a dependable and effective solution.


Scalable & Clean Design

Grocer is a very feature-rich online grocery shopping application that uses a microservices architecture, clean coding standards, and state-of-the-art app container technology. These cutting-edge technological underpinnings guarantee the platform’s dependability and scalability. Grocer integrates cutting-edge features to protect user data and transactions because safety and security are of utmost importance. Grocer makes a name for itself in the cutthroat online grocery market by demanding the best in terms of security and technology.

Multi-language & Multi-currency Support

Regardless of location or preferred currency, Grocer’s unmatched flexibility enables customization for grocery delivery businesses or stores globally. Because of its flexibility, Grocer can be easily integrated with a wide range of markets, catering to the unique requirements and tastes of users everywhere. Grocer’s worldwide compatibility makes it the perfect choice for companies looking for an extensive and adaptable online grocery platform, regardless of whether they operate in suburban areas or major urban centers.

Referral & Promotions

We put a high priority on user growth and retention with our grocery delivery business software solution by including sophisticated promo and referral features for drivers as well as customers. Our grocery delivery app’s scalable tech architecture allows it to grow with your user base without any problems. This guarantees a scalable and effective platform that can grow with your company’s changing needs and encourage client involvement and loyalty.

SEO-friendly Design

Using the best SEO practices for apps in mind, all grocery shopping and delivery apps developed with the Grocer software solution are painstakingly designed. By using a strategic approach, the apps’ overall ranking in search engines and online app stores is improved, which improves their visibility and discoverability. Our solution increases the app’s visibility and facilitates user downloads by utilizing powerful SEO strategies. This will ultimately help your grocery delivery business become more well-known and successful.

App Monitoring & Chatbots

Being the only fully customizable grocery delivery solution with integrated chatbot app monitoring services, our BigBasket clone script stands out. This special feature makes sure you get real-time information about how well your customized grocery app is working. By integrating chatbots to monitor your app in real-time, you can keep tabs on its functionality, quickly resolve problems, and guarantee that users have a flawless experience. With the help of this creative solution, you can better control and maximize the functionality of your grocery delivery app.


In addition to being dependable and scalable, our BigBasket clone app development solution is also extremely safe. It includes a number of security features, including reverse proxy setup, Keychain, SSL-powered APIs, and JWT (JSON Web Tokens). These security measures guarantee that every aspect of the system is adequately safeguarded, from the application to every single API. We put the security and privacy of user data first by putting these cutting-edge security measures in place, offering a safe environment for online grocery shopping and delivery.