UBER for Doctors- On Demand Healthcare Software Solution

Our system has been carefully designed to meet the needs of both healthcare providers and those looking for their services. As with well-known platforms like Teladoc, Babylon Health, Amwell, MDLive, Practo, and Zocdoc, healthcare entrepreneurs have the freedom to customize this Uber for doctors / on-demand healthcare app. They can do so as a standalone app or by seamlessly integrating it with their current business models.

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Let’s Find Out-What are Healthcare Apps?

In the digital age, healthcare apps have become essential for patients to conveniently access healthcare benefits. In addition, the healthcare sector benefits from effectively serving a wider clientele, a benefit that is particularly pertinent during the current COVID-19 period.

What is UBER for Doctors

Mobile applications in healthcare are primarily used to inform patients and healthcare workers about preventive healthcare practices, provide support for treatments, make it possible to track progress, and make clinical trial participation easier. These functions improve the overall healthcare experience and outcomes.

Ways & Means to Build a Healthcare App

  • Determine the problems your app would address.
  • Determine who your target market is.
  • Select the software program.
  • Select the app’s features.
  • Select the technology that will be used.
  • Verify compliance and privacy

Main Components of a Healthcare App

Patient App

Certainly, user convenience is at the heart of your patients-first philosophy. Patients can customize their healthcare experience by creating profiles with detailed information and then using filters to assist them choose a doctor. The ability to schedule appointments according to a patient's preferred method of contact improves accessibility and patient satisfaction even further. This strategy places a strong emphasis on your healthcare app's patient-centric design.

Doctor App

Giving doctors the option to construct thorough profiles improves their online credibility and presence. It is efficient and accommodating for healthcare professionals to have the freedom to schedule patient appointments in accordance with their availability. For telemedicine visits, using video calls as the main medium improves accessibility and encourages a smooth virtual consultation experience for both doctors and patients. This method demonstrates a comprehensive and patient-centered approach in your healthcare app.

Admin Panel

The admin login feature allows for centralized control of healthcare professionals and patients within the app. The highest level of security and privacy for sensitive health-related data is guaranteed by storing all information in an encrypted format that complies with HIPAA rules. Your dedication to upholding the highest levels of data privacy and confidentiality inside your healthcare app is further demonstrated by this security-focused strategy.

Distinguished Features

Record Data

In addition to providing a thorough history of patient interactions, the recording and storing of all telemedicine appointments for future use also assures transparency and responsibility in the medical industry. This function supports continuity of care within your app and helps keep correct medical data.

Data Encrypted

All patient data will be transmitted and stored with the highest level of security possible thanks to the use of end-to-end encryption. This security measure makes sure that critical patient data is kept private and secure from unwanted access, which raises the credibility and compliance of your healthcare app.

Diagnosis Questionnaire

By including a pre-visit survey, it is possible to gather comprehensive patient data prior to the consultation. By giving healthcare professionals essential information, this improves the diagnostic process and results in more accurate assessments and knowledgeable consultations within your healthcare app.

Diagnosis Questionnaire

By including a pre-visit survey, it is possible to gather comprehensive patient data prior to the consultation. By giving healthcare professionals essential information, this improves the diagnostic process and results in more accurate assessments and knowledgeable consultations within your healthcare app.

Remote Video Call Appointments & Its Scheduling

Through the app’s video chatting feature, users can easily arrange for remote consultations with specialists to serve both themselves and their dependents. The conversations are not just recorded for subsequent reference but also encrypted. The data is only available by the specific doctor or patient, with no access granted to the app itself, ensuring the highest secrecy between doctors and patients. This strategy guarantees strong security and privacy for your healthcare app.

Clinic Visits Scheduling

Patients have the flexibility to book clinical appointments with specialized healthcare providers using an array of filters. Comprehensive details aid in informed decision-making, including location, specializations, reviews, ratings, charges, and more. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled for available time slots, with payment options encompassing various methods, including insurance coverage. This comprehensive approach streamlines the appointment booking process, offering ease and transparency within your healthcare app.

Home Visits

From their mobile devices, clients can easily schedule their preferred healthcare treatments. Users can arrange for medical specialists to provide services in the convenience of their homes by entering necessary information and choosing a doctor. Additionally, patients can conveniently follow the doctor’s progress on their way to the appointment, increasing transparency and boosting confidence in your app.

Appointment Scheduling From Your Desktop

Since doctors frequently have greater access to their computers while at work, we’ve integrated a solution that lets them book patient appointments right from their laptops. This feature accommodates their convenience and work preferences and makes scheduling appointments within your healthcare app simple and effective.

On Demand Healthcare App-A Graphical Flow

You may book appointments with doctors, ask for home visits, or have tele-appointments with medical professionals using our flexible doctor appointment app, all from within the Uber for Doctors app. Users now have access to a variety of healthcare alternatives that are suited to their interests and needs thanks to personalization.

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Treatment Modes

You have the choice to book doctor appointments through our adaptable Doctor Appointment App, request home visits, or participate in tele-appointments with healthcare specialists, resulting in a thorough and personalized healthcare experience.

Pick a Specialist

Start a specialist appointment with the doctor appointment app, and then narrow down your choices using the variety of alternatives provided. Include a comment with your reservation to improve it by providing more details for the healthcare provider’s comprehension and best care.

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Appointment Scheduling

Make reservations for yourself or a dependent with ease, streamlining the booking procedure for greater user convenience within the app.

Add Dependents

Using the on-demand healthcare app, add dependents to your account and fill out the necessary information to provide thorough and convenient family healthcare management.

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Healthcare By Specialization

Users of the Uber for doctors app can narrow down their search based on a variety of criteria thanks to the app’s sophisticated filtering capabilities for doctor appointments. Finding appropriate healthcare solutions is made simpler by this function, which ensures a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

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Key In all the Info

You can enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of your healthcare interactions within the app by selecting the key disease specifics from the dropdown menu and adding unique remarks to the data.

Render Info on Symptoms

Provide thorough symptom descriptions and support the information with photographs, enabling a more accurate and complete representation of your health condition within the app.


Filters For Doctors Selection

Use the filtering feature on the on-demand healthcare app to choose a healthcare provider who matches your unique demands, assuring a personalized and appropriate decision for your medical need.


To make it simpler to identify the right healthcare provider for your requirements within the app, access a list of doctors to help you narrow down your options and schedule a consultation.

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Doctors Profile- Explicitly

In-depth doctor profiles are available, providing details like certifications, specializations, reviews, ratings, fees, and more, allowing users to choose healthcare providers within the app with knowledge.

Time Slot Selection

Based on the availability shown in the available time slots, users may easily book appointments for consultations with their preferred providers, ensuring a smooth booking experience within the app.


View Prescription

In order to facilitate open communication and convenient record-keeping within the app, patients can simply access and read the prescriptions and invoices created by the doctor after the consultation.

Favorite Doctor

Users have the ability to save their preferred doctors to their profiles, making it easier to reach them while making an appointment using the Uber for doctors app. This function improves efficiency and streamlines the user experience.

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Graphical Flow-Doctor

The doctor’s experience with the app starts with signing up and giving necessary data. Doctors can then easily transition to an online status where they can accept or reject appointments in accordance with their availability and preferences. The flexibility and convenience for healthcare providers are improved by this smooth process.

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Doctor Sign-Up on the App

By signing up and providing important information such as location, specialization, education, experience, photo, certificates, and fees, doctors begin their interaction with the app. A carefully curated and reliable network of healthcare professionals is ensured by the app owner, who has the power to accept or reject profiles.

Acceptance & Decline of Appointments

No matter if the appointment is for a clinical visit, a home visit, or a telemedicine session, doctors have the authority to accept or reject it. The app provides thorough information to support their decision-making, supporting well-informed decisions for healthcare practitioners. This information includes specifications like date, time, location, symptoms, payment, and treatment details.

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Schedule for the Day

A doctor may accept or reject appointments that are sent to them for review while they are online. To ensure effective time management and a smooth workflow within the app, doctors may conveniently examine their daily calendar, which includes home visits, clinical appointments, and telemedicine calls.


Appointment Completed

Doctors use the app to indicate the status of each stage of a home visit appointment, such as “On The Way,” “Arrived,” “Appointment Started,” and “Appointment Completed.” Doctors then produce prescriptions and invoices, guaranteeing that the app’s workflow for healthcare providers is organized and well-documented.

Payment & Communication

Our top-notch doctor appointment app equips medical staff to provide effective care. The software provides a variety of communication channels and payment methods, boosting the platform for on-demand healthcare overall experience and convenience.


Payment Mode

The software gives customers freedom and convenience when settling payments within the platform by providing a variety of payment alternatives, such as cash, wallet payments, and insurance reimbursements.



Use the chat feature to communicate with doctors directly, facilitating information sharing. This includes the capability to attach media files, such as images, scans, and prescriptions, to communications about health within the app, improving their clarity and efficiency.

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Connect with Doctor Via Video Call

Through the app’s live video function, have telemedicine consultations with your doctor to ensure real-time engagement. These discussions are documented and saved in accordance with the law. Only the patient or doctor can access the encrypted data, upholding the app’s strict privacy and security policies.


Document Live Tracking

As your doctor arrives at the appointment site, keep track of their current location. This function improves the effectiveness of the healthcare service within the app by assuring prompt arrivals and reducing any potential delays, which benefits both doctors and patients.

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History of all Visits

With access to a thorough summary of all previous, ongoing, and current consultations with your healthcare provider and full bills, the app makes it simple to track and quickly refer to your medical history.

Receipt & Rating

View receipts for paid consultation amounts, then score your experience with the app based on a variety of criteria. By enhancing transparency and allowing users to provide input, this element aids in ongoing development and raises patient satisfaction.



Healthcare Provider Management

Effectively screen and onboard healthcare providers by carefully examining their credentials, resulting in a platform that is top-notch, compliant, and patient-focused. Keep your lines of communication open while utilizing data-driven insights to guarantee ongoing excellence in providing high-quality healthcare services.

View Recorded Video Calls

Ensure that authorized users can evaluate finished telemedicine consultation recordings for quality control and regulatory compliance while upholding strict data protection regulations by enabling secure access to them.

Promotions & Referrals

Implement and manage referral campaigns and promotion codes within your customized on-demand platform to increase user involvement and growth by rewarding participation and efficiently measuring and managing campaign results.

Appointments Tracking

To ensure immediate access to monitor and manage healthcare consultations as they take place on the platform for effective oversight and quality assurance, provide real-time visibility into all currently taking place consultations.


Create a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the pay of various healthcare professionals enrolled on the app. This would enable accurate financial management and fair pay distribution.


Create a thorough financial accounting system to precisely track the pay of various healthcare professionals enrolled on the app. This would enable accurate financial management and fair pay distribution.

Specialist Management

Assure orderly classification, ideal matching, and a seamless user experience while efficiently managing different on-demand doctor categories within your tailored application, improving the usability and efficiency of healthcare services.

Bird’s Eye View

Give people access to a real-time map display of their appointments and consultations across many locations or time zones. This would improve operational efficiency and enable prompt decision-making on the go.

Pre-appointment Survey

Create specialized pre-appointment questions for a range of symptoms to allow healthcare professionals to collect pertinent patient data prior to consultations, improving diagnostic accuracy and facilitating more effective medical evaluations.

Push Notification-Real Time

Enable real-time updates sent to consumers and healthcare professionals via direct in-app push notifications to enable seamless communication, ensure timely information sharing, and boost platform engagement.

Ratings & Reviews

Utilizing consumer feedback and reviews, which enable ongoing assessment and guarantee of good service delivery inside the platform, enables the monitoring of healthcare professionals and the upholding of high quality standards

Commission Set up

Configure the app's commission structure for various healthcare professionals to enable clear fee distribution, fair remuneration, and long-term platform income growth.

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